Carpet Cleaning Tips

Red wine all over your white carpet? Or maybe your kids just run through with dirty shoes and leave a constant dirt streak path?

Carpet gets dirty. It just happens. But, the unsightly stains don't have to stay there if you follow and use some of these carpet cleaning tips. I cover everything from cleaning up after accidental spills to general tips to keep your carpet cleaner.

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Easy and Homemade Cleaners

Many people like to clean only with items that are regularly found in homes and don't contain harsh chemicals. There's a huge worry about the contents of cleaners and the health conditions they might bring on. Also, those store bought cleaners are much more expensive than using natural methods. It's worth a try to start with a homemade cleaner before pulling out a heavy duty carpet cleaner.

Spot Remover

Mix white vinegar, baking soda and water into a paste. Work the paste into the carpet with a brush and vacuum up when finished. This will get rid of many stains. You can try repeating if the stain remains.

General Cleaner

To clean a high traffic area. Mix half water with half vinegar and brush onto the carpet. The vinegar will dry and not leave an odor. Do not soak the carpet, but just wet it.


Dish detergent, especially Dawn dish soap is a great pretreater for tough stains. Just put a small amount over the stain and allow it to sit before using something else to treat the stain. 

For Pet Stains

Chances are if you have a pet at some point you're going to have to deal with stains on carpets. Even the best trained dog has an accident once in awhile or when left inside too long. Pet stains are not only unsightly, but cause a odor that's distinct and hard to live with. 

To remove the stain, first find all the urine stained areas to make sure you clean all of them. Blot up any urine that's on the carpet with paper towels. And then place water on the carpet and again blot up or use a wet vac. Repeat putting water on the stain and drying until the area no longer smells. 

If the stain still won't lift, try specialized pet stain removal products. 


Sometimes the entire carpet needs clean or the area is just too big. You might consider investing in a carpet cleaning machine or renting one.

To use the carpet cleaner of course follow the instructions that come with the machine, but these tips for deep cleaning carpet will help you: vacuum the carpet before using the carpet cleaner, remove all the furniture in the room, clean the entire room and take your time, and don't walk on the carpet until it's dry.

You should shampoo your carpets every few months to keep them looking their best. 

Keep it Clean Longer

  • Make sure you vacuum often. 
  • Apply a stain retardant product to new carpet or to freshly cleaned carpets.
  • Make sure the entire stain is removed. If you just remove the stain from the top of the carpet, it might resurface eventually and could cause a foul odor. 
  • Clean up spills immediately. The longer they sit, the harder it will be to clean them up.
  • Use a welcome mat in front of the door and again in the foyer or right inside the house so people are constantly tracking in dirt and mud.

Other Tips

  • Vacuum your carpet at least once a week to prevent stain build up in high traffic areas.
  • Add baking soda to the vacuum bag to help with smells.
  • Blot or scrape the stain as much as possible before applying any sort of product or stain lifter to the stain. 
  • Do not rub the spill.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Video


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