Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters can be described as space heaters which can serve as the best alternative to a traditional central heat distribution system.  Electric baseboard heaters are often designed for individual rooms or enclosures rather than a large centralized heating system. They are often located along the base of the wall, though such rooms must be insulated. Electric baseboard heaters are made up of electric heating elements which are enclosed in metal pipes and hot air is pumped through the pipes and such air rises into the rooms through conventional means to create a perfect heating condition.

An Electric baseboard heaters home is insulated and ventilated efficiently to prevent suffocation. The Electric baseboard heater consumes much more power when used for larger than average rooms even when such rooms are adequately insulated. Electric baseboard heaters are therefore ideal for smaller room sizes. Portable electric baseboard heaters make use of thermostas for easy control, Programmable thermostats for portable baseboard heaters are different from those of central heating systems, and line voltage thermostats are attached for better power regulation.

Hydronic electric baseboard heaters make use of heating elements as well as heated liquid for the room temperature control. Electric Hydronic baseboard heaters draw in cool air from the room and the air is heated and released back into the room from the top of the heater. They make use of low external operating temperatures which allow the heaters to be flushed against the wall for easier maintenance. Hydronic electric baseboard heaters becomes more efficient as water is piped from a central boiler to the hydronic baseboard heaters and with a return pipe channeling cooled water back to the boiler for reuse.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric oil filled baseboard heaters are energy efficient baseboard heaters which makes of an Energy-saving liquid seals in heat to efficiently maintain steady heat levels.  At maximum level, electric oil filled baseboard heaters can heat up to 150 sq ft of spacious enclosures.  Oil filled electric baseboard heaters operate on Electricity, they are Oil Filled, and have Variable Heating Levels, Timer, Thermostat, and Anti Freeze for better quality of services. They are vertical thermal chimneys that are engineered to maximize radiant heat flow while maintaining a low surface temperature.

Electric oil filled baseboard heaters are equipped with a GFCI Plug, hence they can be used in several places including the bathroom. The 24-hour programmable timer has energy saving features with more than 90 other settings which can be manipulated to select different time periods and heat the room to a specified time variance. Adjustable heat settings also help regulate temperatures and you don’t need to refill the electric oil filled baseboard heater because it has been automatically sealed with pure with diathermic oil for stable and efficient heating.

Electric baseboard heaters are generally economical but they require much energy consumption for proper functioning. It will be ideal to minimize its usages to some specific periods in order to conserve energy and save costs of operation. They are however easier to maintain especially through periodic cleaning.

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