5 Elements of Design in Interior Home Decoration

What really makes a house enchanting is the combination of the 5 elements of design and 6 principles of design useful in interior home decoration.

Design is the art of combining elements in a pleasing way. The 5 basic elements of design useful in interior decorating a house are space, shape, line, texture , and color. Each element has its unique characteristics but once put and mixed together, an attractive and creative outcome is produced, thus beautifying the home.


1. Line - Lines may be simple but they are capable of producing a design that can draw attention and stir emotions. Lines used in a room suggest various meanings. Vertical lines that go straight up and down suggest strength and stability. Horizontal lines suggest width in objects. Curved lines express gracefulness.


2. Texture -Texture appeals more to the touch than to the sight, but is both seen and felt. Using different textures in a room can add more interest and create a certain mood or ambience.

A room may appear warm and cozy by using soft and fuzzy surfaces. Smooth and silky surfaces can create a formal look.

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3. Shape - Shape denotes form. Using different shapes of objects in a room can have an effect on its atmosphere. Curved shape of objects in a room creates a soft effect while rectangular or square shape of objects makes a room appear hard.

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4. Space - A room can be made smaller or larger with the right use of space. Bright and light colors may make a room appear larger while dark and dull colors may make a room appear smaller. Furniture placed by the wall makes the room appear spacious. By dividing the space in different ways, a room can have an illusion of being large or small. . An illusion is the way you see things in a different perspective from the way it really is.

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5. Color - Among all the elements of design, color is the easiest to notice. Colors have the greatest effect on the appearance of a room. They give life and personality to it.

Dark colors make a room seem smaller. Warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange can make a room appear bright, vibrant, and alive. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple can make a room seem cozy and restful.

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PhitablelAmp 6 years ago

Yes, the pictures are gorgeous! Are they from your own home or a home that you have decorated? I love that sink!

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Waren E 7 years ago from HAS LEFT THE BUILDING............

Thanks for those expert tips beth811!

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Thanks, Aqua. Enjoy decorating your home!

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Great information here Beth. I love to decorate. I like the photos you chose for your article. Thumbs up!

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