Eureka Hand Held Vacuum 71B: A Users Review


Why The Eureka Hand Held Vacuum?

For me the choice to purchase this Eureka hand held vacuum cleaner was made on the basis that I have two small messy children who drop food under the table every single day, and that I have two small messy cats who get their fur on our furniture every single day.

I already own a dyson but it is not a hand held. I live in a two storey house and the dyson (which is stored upstairs) is too heavy to lug up and down every day in order to clean up the mess after every meal.

I love my Dyson, so I would ideally have loved to have bought a Dyson hand held. Sadly, my budget simply isn't up to it, so I went looking for a more budget friendly alternative and came upon the Eureka hand held vacuum.

What Features Does The Eureka Hand Held Vacuum Have?

According to the information provided with the vacuum cleaner there are two motors in this vacuum cleaner. It also comes with a 20 foot cord which wraps around the vacuum for storage.

Even though it is a hand held vacuum it comes with a hose that stretches to more than twice the length of the vacuum itself.

This vacuum doesn't use bags, it has a clear plastic dust container that you empty and a filter that needs cleaning.

It also has a revolving brush that is great for cleaning stairs and a crevice tool that is great for getting into nooks and crannies such as down the side of high chairs.

Does The Eureka Hand Held Vacuum Work?

As I mentioned earlier I was initially intent on purchasing a Dyson and this vacuum was a lower cost substitute. For this reason my expectations of it were reasonably low. I had had a dustbuster before and found that it wasn't really a match for my children and pets so I wanted something a little bit stronger.

I'm happy to say that I got it! I don't know how much suction a hand held Dyson has, but compared to a dustbuster this Eureka hand held is amazing. Not only does it quickly and easily remove all of the post meal food from under the table after my kids have finished, but it does an amazing job on the places where my pets have sat. My husband and I used to spend a serious amount of time each day with a lint roller removing cat hair from cushions on our sofa; not any more. Whereas the dustbuster really didn't get rid of the the pet hair very effectively this Eureka does a fantastic job removing all of it so that it looks perfectly clean.

One of the reasons that I think the Eureka seems so powerful and good at picking up mess is the fact that it has a cord. At first I thought that having a cord would be a disadvantage, but actually I really like it. It is well worth the minor inconvenience of it not being a cordless vacuum for the extra power. I particularly noticed this when cleaning the car when it did a much better job than my old cordless handheld.

When it comes to the cord I found that it is actually surprisingly long at around 20 feet. This is good because it means that if I am cleaning one chair and want to move on to another I don't have to unplug and replug it in, there is room on the cord to move around.

I find that it is remarkably easy to clean. The filter was simple to remove and clean and the clear plastic container that collects the dust is easy to empty. I much prefer this to a system with a bag. I also found that it doesn't get all clogged and gunky as my dustbuster did which is a great improvement. Because it is a clear dust container it is easy to see when it needs emptying.

One thing I would mention is that this vacuum is quite loud when compared with my old dustbuster. Having said that it is a lot more powerful and effective so I imagine it is because the motor is probably more powerful. Although it is reasonably loud it is nothing that would ever stop me buying it.

When it comes to the tools I really like the crevice brush and the hose that is attached to the vacuum is surprisingly long which is great for cleaning the car. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to fit some of the tools from my main vacuum cleaner on to this one, but of course this depends what cleaner you already have.

There is also a nifty flip up clear plastic visor that means that you can switch from cleaning flat surfaces to cleaning the vertical part on the stairs. When I first saw it I wasn't sure how it would work but it works perfectly!

When it comes to weight the vacuum is heavier than a dustbuster but I actually find it surprisingly easy to carry around nonetheless. I don't think that weight should really be an issue for anyone and because of the hose it is easy to put it down anyway when you need to.

This vacuum is amazingly priced ( I paid $39.99 for my vacuum) which when compared to the Dyson is only a fraction of its price. The best thing about it though is that it doesn't feel like a cheap vacuum at all. If feels like a powerful, expensive option with no compromises. I highly recommend it!

Main Points about Eureka Hand Held Vacuum

1. It is extremely powerful and easily picks up cat hair, food scraps, and all the detrius of family life. It is almost as powerful as my upright Dyson.

2. It is light enough to easily carry around.

3. It is slightly noisy, but I think that this is because it is so powerful.

4. It is very well priced at under $40.

5. It is easy to empty and clean

6. It has a great hose and a nifty crevice tool and does a great job on cleaning my car.

7. I would highly recommend this fantastic hand held vacuum.

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