Why Everyone Will Want a Memory Foam Mattress in 2010

Memory foam mattresses are a great bedroom accessory that can vastly increase any bed's comfort, improving just about any night's sleep. What many fail to realize, however, is that these mattresses are more than just a comfort aid, as their benefits range far beyond making a bed softer. In fact, memory foam has some surprising benefits that make it a good fit for many circumstances other than comfort. If you're curious as to what these may be, read on to learn why everyone will want a memory foam mattress in 2010.

Memory foam has its origins in the space industry. NASA astronauts needed a vibration-dampening surface to absorb the immense pressures of being launched into orbit. Existing materials such as water and springs were not options, so NASA developed visco-elastic foam to meet its needs.

This foam has several unique qualities. First, it molds itself to the shape of anything placed atop it, slowly returning to its original form when the object is removed. The foam is also open celled, allowing air to circulate throughout. It is also sensitive to heat, softening under normal body temperature. All of these qualities contribute to a healthier, better sleep experience.

Most practical and obvious is memory foam's comfort. A surface that contours itself to your body, supporting where necessary and yielding where not, is far better than one that rigidly conforms to the shape created by a manufacturer. Not only is this perceived as being more comfortable, but it places your body in a more natural, orthopedic position not available on most other mattresses. This natural pose helps eliminate passive muscle tension by letting the mattress provide support that is unique to you. Otherwise, you'll find yourself unnecessarily tensing muscles due to the unyielding nature of the mattress, waking up sore and achy.

Inherent to memory foam's supportive ability is its tendency to dampen vibrations. Roughly speaking, vibration is due to one unyielding surface meeting another. If a limb strikes a mattress, vibrations will travel across the bed and be perceived by anyone else who happens to be sharing it. For sleepers who toss and turn, this can make for sleepless nights for anyone who happens to be resting nearby. If the mattress absorbs these impacts, however, then the vibrations aren't nearly as noticeable. Furthermore, perhaps the tossing and turning sleeper only does so because of an unsupportive mattress, and all that is needed is to invest in one that promotes a greater level of comfort.

Memory foam has less obvious benefits, however. We are creatures of habit, often sleeping in the same or similar spots night after night. Months and years of this treatment affects standard mattresses greatly, creating slopes and valleys into which anyone not sleeping in the usual spots will tend to roll. In this way, even the largest mattresses can seem small. As previously stated, memory foam retains its shape. While it certainly wears out over time, the degradation is dramatically less than that found with traditional mattresses, and your memory foam will keep its default shape for much longer.

Memory foam's temperature sensitivity has various medical benefits. If a body part is injured, it will tend to have a higher temperature due to inflammation. In these instances, a firm mattress may not be advisable as it would restrict blood flow to the injured area. Conversely, no support at all would place a great deal of strain on the injury. Ideal would be a supportive surface that contours uniquely to the injury which, as has been previously stated, is one of memory foam's many benefits.

Air foam mattresses are also more sanitary than are typical mattresses. Bed bugs, for instance, can't breathe in memory foam as they can in other common mattress materials, and as such will never appear. Memory foam is also hypoallergenic. Not only will you sleep better, but you'll probably breathe easier after a night of sleep on your new memory foam.

Memory foam is an incredible material that can dramatically improve your sleep. It does this not only by making sleep more comfortable, but by lessening disruptive vibrations caused by nearby sleepers. Its shape-retaining design ensures that it will remain pristine for many years to come, while its temperature sensitivity is both a comfort and a health aid. Finally, its inhospitable conditions for bed bugs and allergens make it not only a comfortable sleep experience, but a healthy one as well. Given these advantages, who wouldn't want a memory foam mattress in 2010?

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Matt F. 2 years ago

This is very interesting information...I have had a memory foam mattress for years, but did not realize the additional benefits besides just the ability of it to conform to body shape.

SuperiorInteriors profile image

SuperiorInteriors 2 years ago from San Diego, California Author

@Matt F. Well you have to consider that NASA didn't create memory foam for no reason. Hopefully you notice the difference now!

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