Fabulous Tips and Tricks for the Kitchen and Home Part ONE

Tips and Tricks to make life a little easier and save a little money, too.

When cooking any food that has a strong odor - cabbage, fish, onions, etc. - place a bowl with 1/2 a cup of vinegar on the stove beside what you're cooking.  Don't cook it, just place it there, and this will take care of odors.

To keep lint from clinging to clothes, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash load.

Throw a dry towel in the clothes dryer with a load of wet clothes and they will dry faster, saving electricity and time.

Soak any kind of meat in cold salt water to remove the blood.

When rolling out cookie dough, sprinkle board with powdered sugar instead of flour.  Too much flour will make the dough heavy and tough.

Salt water will deter mildew even before it happens.  Use it to rinse off outdoor wicker furniture.  Soak cloth shower curtains in salt water before using them.  Hang the curtain to dry and then use it in the shower.

Dip a new broom in salt water before the first use.  Let it dry completely.  This will toughen the bristles and make it last longer.  (This is only for natural bristle brooms.)

To prevent meat from spattering when cooking, sprinkle a little salt in the pan before putting in the meat or any fat.

Plastic shower curtains can be tossed in your washing machine.  I add a cup of liquid bleach and a squeeze of dish detergent to the water (I don't want to waste the good laundry detergent on this).  They come out like new - no mildew, either.


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