Fairy Garden Ornaments

flower fairies
flower fairies | Source

If you have created a fairy garden, with lots of plants and flowers just ideally suited to fairies and sprites, you may want to buy some fairy garden ornaments to fit the theme.

Real fairies and sprites only come out after dark, as we all know, when we are safely tucked up in our beds, and so fairy garden ornaments give us the feel of their being with us.

From toadstools to mushrooms, to fairy statues, figurines, houses and water features, we can create a real storybook paradise in our own back yards.

With miniature fairy figurines and the addition of fairy lights, preferably solar fairy lights that cost nothing to run and do not require trails of wire for the fairies to trip over, we can create an enchanted garden that real fairies would be delighted to inhabit.

Fairy garden ornaments can be chosen and ordered online, and would make fantastic gifts for anyone you know with a garden area and a love of fairies.

You can even create miniature fairy gardens with the back yard, which can keep children entertained for hours.

Whatever you plan is when you design your fairy garden, with the addition of fairy statues strategically placed, you can transform your outdoor space into a magical area that will be a delight in sit in.

Aria an Earth Fairy 6" tall statue

Aria an Earth Fairy Garden Statuary
Aria an Earth Fairy Garden Statuary | Source

Aria an Earth Fairy

If you don't already already have a collection of garden fairy statuaries, Aria an Earth Fairy is great place to start.

She's a little good luck fairy that will bring you luck and fortune to you and your garden, and even comes with a text tag to tell the buyer all about her. This would make Aria an Earth fairy a great gift to give to someone you know.

This little Aria statue is 6" tall x 5" in length and 5" in width.

As you can see she is intricately crafted and is a wonderful addition to any fairy garden.

midnight fairy figurine
midnight fairy figurine

Illana and Miranda Earth Fairy garden statues

As well as Aria above, we also have Illana and Miranda who have both cute little earth fairies that will bring good luck to your garden.

Your fairy statuary in a miniature garden will be quite crowded with those three delightful fairy ornamental statues keeping guard over your sweet peas or laburnums.

They would also look wonderful situated around the edge of a stone garden pond where, surrounded by long grasses and architectural plants will make a stunning display.

There are whole host of different fairy names in different poses to go along with this fairy statue collection, which will be ideal for all fairy lovers or collectors alike.

fairy on a mushroom
fairy on a mushroom

Set of 3 Mushroom Yard Art Décor

We all know that fairies sit on mushrooms and swing their legs over the sides, so make it easier for them to play all year round with this wonderful set of 3 brightly colored terracotta mushrooms.

The real fairies in your garden, the ones that you are not allowed to see, will love you al the more if you provide those luxurious seating areas for them to rest on.

Each standing approx. 5" high, your garden fairies can easily fly on to them.

No fairy garden is complete without those brightly colored mushrooms.

Napco 12-Inch Tall Bronze Fairy on Gazing Ball
Napco 12-Inch Tall Bronze Fairy on Gazing Ball | Source

Napco 12-Inch Tall Bronze Fairy on Gazing Ball

They is a beautiful fairy ornament that will look good both indoors and out.

It features a bronze fairy figurine resting on a glass ball and is 10" x 7" x 12" in size.

It quite a heavy ornament at 3.5lbsm which is equivalent to almost 2 bags of sugar.

The fairy, which is wearing a petal skirt and has long flowing hair, is very relaxing to look at, as her body slumps over her crystal ball, as if she has worn herself working and telling the future.

Even her wings seem to droop with tiredness!

This fairy ornament would make a great gift and the light-reflecting ball (you can see the photographer in it if you look closely) gives it a magical touch.

Double Fairy Sunflower Garden Stake Lawn Ornament

Made of iron and glass, the sunflower garden stake features two dancing fairies that catch the breeze just like a wind-chime, but instead of playing music, they dance.

Simply push the stake into the ground, and you have a wonderful garden ornament that will perfectly suit the d├ęcor of a fairy garden.

As fairy garden ornaments go, this is one of the prettiest.

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maria jose 5 years ago

Really love to use these pretty ornaments in my garden.These statues looking so beautiful and can used as indoor and outdoor ornaments.You can use these ornaments as a wonderful gift for garden lovers.

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They are every so pretty, aren't they? Thanks for your insightful comment.

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