Sit for a Feast at Your Farmhouse Table

If you are trying to create a rustic but beautiful kitchen or dining room scene, farmhouse tables may be right for you. A farmhouse table looks old, and well loved, providing your kitchen or dining room with an appearance of comfort that only comes with years of enjoyment. There are numerous styles to choose from, limited only by the whim of your heart.

Farmhouse Table Styles

While a simple table made of your favorite wood may be just what you need, different farmhouse tables have their own unique flair. No two are alike, which is part of their charm. For example, you may like a table that can expand to accommodate additional house guests, in which case you would want a table with aprons – that is, the ends flip up and are secured to give you extra room for more people to sit.

Feeling a little ill-equipt to provide adequate seating for all of your guests?
Feeling a little ill-equipt to provide adequate seating for all of your guests?

Some farmhouse dining tables have between one and three drawers, providing extra storage space for items such as napkins, serving utensils or candlesticks to set the mood on your well-worn farmhouse dining table. Additionally, you have a choice between owning a farmhouse table and chairs, or you can seat your family and guests on benches.

From the simple to the elegant, a farmhouse table shares particular qualities throughout. The table’s surface is made from thick wood, discolored and worn to varying degrees. Supportive and decorative, the legs of a farmhouse table are frequently very simple, straight, tapering shapes, but some have elaborate designs – all hand carved. The choice is up to you as to design and added features, but the fact is that a farmhouse table is perfect for almost every kitchen or dining room.

A farmhouse table may be just what you're looking for!
A farmhouse table may be just what you're looking for!

Antique Farmhouse Table vs. New

A hand crafted farmhouse table has its own personality and charm, whether it is an antique or new. An antique farmhouse table, just like the new, was made by hand, but after assembly is where the similarities end. The aged and distressed appearance of an antique comes from years of use, cleaning and the ravages of time. Fading and discoloration which occur over time are hard to duplicate on a new farmhouse kitchen table, but are part of the allure of an antique.

A new pine farmhouse table may have some of the stress and wear you would expect from an antique one, but this process is done over the course of several weeks using numerous household objects at once to create the appearance of years of use. Be alert to this point when examining a farmhouse table for your home.

A Farmhouse Style Kitchen

As with the other rooms in your house, creating the right look begins with your furniture and extends to accessories and art. In a modern kitchen with metal appliances, farmhouse kitchen tables become stark reminders of simpler days, standing out in counterpoint to the metal and electronics to prove that hand crafted furniture can be functional, beautiful and resilient. In a more old-fashioned kitchen, a french farmhouse table would fit like a glove against the backdrop of wood paneling, aged but well tended cabinetry and fixtures.

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