Faux Wood Blinds

Can't afford to hang real hardwood blinds at the moment? Perhaps you could consider faux wood blinds. Many different styles of blinds, such as roman blinds, faux wood vertical blinds and even plantation shutters are available in faux wood. Aside from their being cheaper, they are also very easy to clean and they resist damage such as warping from humidity. This makes them the ideal choice for bathrooms or kitchens or any room that has a problem with moisture. Their ease of cleaning also makes them very useful for rooms where dirt or dust is a problem.

Most faux wood window blinds are made from either PVC or composite wood, which is a combination of hard wood chips and vinyl. Nowadays both options look very real, and at a distance it can be hard to tell the difference between a faux wood blind and a stained wooden blind. With the trend in some quarters these days to use wood and more earthy shades for decorating rooms and homes, faux wood blinds may come in very useful, particularly if you don't have a very large budget for your re-decorating.

Faux Wood Blinds Perfect Alternative to Real Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are the perfect alternative to real wood blinds, as they look and feel like real wood blinds at a fraction of the cost. They have all the benefits of real wood blinds such as blending in to almost any décor, and they also come in a huge variety of shades and wood stain look-a-likes. You can even buy white wood faux blinds! And adding to that, you don't have any of the problems that are normally associated with real wood blinds, such as the difficulty of taking care of them, keeping them from fading or being damaged by moisture, etc.

The only con to cheap wood faux blinds is that due to the material they're made from they are often more heavy than their natural counterpart. This means that they may not be suitable for large windows as it could make them difficult to raise or lower. Aside from that, they are made so that their slats can be shifted to control the amount of light coming into a room, and for all intents operate in much the same manner, giving the same benefits, as wood blinds but at a much cheaper cost.

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Relatively new on the market, cordless faux wood blinds rise and lower simply by touching the bottom rail. With the need for the cord that lifts and lowers the blind eliminated, this makes them an ideal choice for people with safety concerns, such as parents of young children or those with pets. There are no more long cords that lump on the floor and pose a real danger to young children or small animals, if they get caught up in them. There is still one cord attached, which controls the tilting of the slats but this cord remains at a constant length and doesn't pose any danger to anyone.

If safety is a concern for you, you may be interested in checking out these type of faux wood blinds, to see if they suit your needs. They're also a great choice for the home owner who is after simplicity and tired of too much clutter around their windows. A clean, elegant style like this really does give your windows a very modern look.

Routless Faux Wood Blinds

With most faux wood blinds, the cord that tilts the slats or lifts the blind is threaded through small pin holes in the slats themselves. The difference with routless faux wood blinds is that rather than passing through each slat, the cord runs up the front and the back of the slats.  The great thing about this is that it reduces light that can seep into the room through these tiny pin holes when the curtains are closed shut.  This is  a real help if you're wanting ultimate darkness in a room, such as in your bedroom at night.  With other types of blinds, even just a little light such as bright streetlights or other outside safety lights, can still shine into your room but with routless faux wood blinds not even a peep of light can come in.

Light leakage into a room can also cause glare on television screens or computer monitors, so eliminating this may be important in a room used as a home-office, or in your television room.

Motorized Tilt Faux Wood Blinds

Many home appliances these days are operated by a remote control. You don't have to move from your chair to turn the television on or off, to operate lights and fans. Now, you can even stay in your chair and adjust your faux wood blinds. Motorized faux wood blinds allow you to adjust the light that comes into the room by adjusting the tilt via the remote control.

Another real plus to having motorized faux wood blinds is that you can easily adjust and manipulate the blinds no matter where the window is located. This makes them perfect for those difficult to get to windows, such as windows that are high up, or set behind a piece of furniture, etc.

Composite or PVC Faux Wood Blinds

The slats on composite faux wood blinds are made from a combination of PVC and wood pulp.  They are generally a bit more expensive that PVC faux wood blinds, but they do have quite a few benefits.  As with PVC blinds, composite faux wood blinds won't warp in humid conditions.  They are lighter, thus easier to operate, than PVC blinds and require fewer strings to support their slats.

With PVC blinds being heavier and requiring more strings to support the slats (because PVC is less rigid than composite material) yet cheaper to buy, they would be a cost effective solution for blinds that you wouldn't need to lift often. They do give a more cluttered look though, when looking out through them so if that bothers you, you'd do best to go with the cleaner composite faux wood blinds. If you keep an eye out on line you can actually often find discount faux wood blinds made from composite material, which would help bring costs down for you.

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m1tchm 5 years ago

I've been looking for some cool blinds for a while and I like the way these look. Thanks!

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