Feng Shui Gardening: The Wealth gua

Once you have decided to build a feng shui garden, and you have learned the basic elements you'll need to include to complete it, you may be left wondering how to optimize each section of your garden.  Knowing the colors and elements needed for each area, or gua, is all well and good, but how can you decorate and plant to get the most out of each area?  Even if you are aware of how to use feng shui within your home, you may a bit lost on how to carry that into your garden, as it is not quite as easy as simply buying paintings and charms.

Good flower choice!
Good flower choice!

The wealth gua is naturally an area many people are interested in, and may be the first gua they concentrate building to maximize energy potential. It might be a little confusing in the beginning, though. Firstly, the colors that those in western culture associate with wealth are not the colors associated with it in eastern cultures. In Asia and many other areas of the world, purples are associated with wealth, not greens. Reds and gold are very good accent colors as well. These were all colors associated with royalty, and have more ancient roots than green for money.

The wealth area in feng shui does not only have to do with the amount of money you will make. It also affects the way you view abundance, and making more wise choices with your money. It also has the potential to improve wealth in ways that may not have to do with money at all. The element associated with wealth in feng shui is soft wood, such as pine.

The area in which to set up your wealth zone is the back left portion or corner of your garden. This is the area believed to gather the most wealth energy (chi), and improving just a few things to will amplify it's energy greatly, allowing you to reap all the benefits in your wealth and outlook.

Great flowers to use are Hydrangeas, Lavender, Violets, yellow Pepperidge bushes, and roses.  I prefer miniature red roses in this area of my garden, in an effort to keep red as an accent color.  Full size rose bushes have a tendency to take over and grab all the attention.

Feng Shui Wealth Vase Tips

Purple flower painting
Purple flower painting

Decoration of this area should include soft wood in the form of a bench or even live tree.  Consider pines and other trees famous for soft wood. Bamboo is also a really good idea in this gua, as bamboo represents strength and flexibilty to change, both are very necessary to obtaining and keeping wealth.

Another important element to have in the wealth zone is a physical representation of your intentions for the area.  This means a statue or figurine which embodies wealth or the climb towards wealth.  A great example of this concept is a money frog, which can be bought in many sizes at any Asian gift shop.  Place a coin in the frog's mouth and place the frog in the wealth area.  Be sure to use a real coin, rather than the fake plastic one it may already come with.  Other examples are statues of princes or princesses, statues of money, a small wishing well, or even a Buddha statue.  Buddha personifies being appreciative of all your life blessings and seeing wealth in many aspects of the world -not just in money.

There is not a lot of emotional involvement or need for meditation when building up the wealth zone in your feng shui garden.  Just remember it is not all about you getting rich in your sleep.  This makes it a great place to start, and a really fun gua to build.  You get to be honest and accept that part of you does appreciate money and wealth, without making yourself seem greedy.

Feng Shui Money Charm
Feng Shui Money Charm
Purple Wealth Gua
Purple Wealth Gua

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