Festive Coffee Cups for Christmas

Coffee Cup Sets to Celebrate the Season

The season for drinking hot toddies, hot chocolate, flavored specialty coffees, and other hot beverages to keep you warm is here but for Christmas you want special coffee cups that's just right for you and your family.

Christmas Coffee Cups. Fall is here and winter not far behind. It's the time to linger over hot beverages and chat with friends and family members but during the Christmas season the regular coffee cups that I have don't satisfy. They don't scream Christmas and it doesn't seem festive enough. I want bright colors of shades in red and green. When I was young, my mother would bring out the Christmas mugs right after Thanksgiving. That was when the Christmas season started for my family and everything that I drank from those cups were somehow special.

I looked through Amazon.com and various stores to see what was available and there were so many styles and types of mugs to choose from. Some of the coffee cups are footed, another has a gracefully flowing latte cup style, still others are styled as traditional mugs. One style of coffee cups that you are not going to see here and I don't recommend are the square coffee mugs. They are awkward to drink from; when you get near the bottom and tip the cup towards your mouth to finish the drink off, it inevitably pours down the side and on your clothes. Not good. You have to drink from the corner of the mug to stop it from getting on your clothes.

I decided to classify the cups according to their themes.

Christmas Tree Coffee Cups

The Christmas Tree reminds us that although the season is very cold, that winter will be followed by Spring and warm weather; it is a promise that the green shoots of spring is hibernating and that nature will come to fruition soon enough.

The Christmas Tree theme brings a touch of tradition into the decor; the trees when drawn literally are very lush. The style is restrained but still festive. Even when the tree is drawn in a modern style it evokes a warm, traditional feeling. When the trees are used as trimming it is a modern take on tradition.

Most of the mugs shown are made by Waechtersbach, a German company that is well known for their dinnerware and their use of special glazes to bring out brilliant colors. The company combines a high degree of craftsmanship with modern technical production to make beautiful and colorful pieces.

Waechtersbach has traditional style mugs, footed mugs and what they call caffelatte style mugs. If you go on their website you will find other festive Christmas dinnerware that echoes the style of your mugs so that you can have a complete collection.

The coffee cups are beautifully crafted from high fired ceramic earthenware and made in Germany. The designs will not fade no matter how many times you wash it.  The cups are dishwasher safe.

Santa Coffee Cups

Santa represents the fun aspect of Christmas. It's a reminder that the season is about generosity, caring, and giving. Usually Santa cups are very colorful and the representations of Santa can be traditional or funny or sweet.

Christmas Scene Coffee Cups

Cups or mugs that show a Christmas scene are usually wonderfully intricate. It can show scenes from a beloved carol or favorite story or familiar setting.

 So choose the cups or mugs that's right for you and your family.  As the years go by, it becomes part of family lore and many memories will become associated with your Christmas coffee cups and before you know it a family tradition has been born.

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tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 6 years ago from South Africa

Love my coffee - and those mugs look simply stunning! Of course Christmas for us is at the hottest time of the year - so we definitely don't need those warming drinks - cold drinks are more to the point!

Love and peace


Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi Tony, thanks for dropping by. I think if you check out Amazon they also have Christmas tumblers which are probably what you will use.

Nelle Hoxie 6 years ago

I love the bright red Christmas mugs, very festive! The ones with the Christmas trees look great. I can taste those hot toddy's now. Great hub!

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks for the compliment Nelle.

Helen Cater profile image

Helen Cater 6 years ago from UK

You have worked so hard on all your Christmas hubs, and you have given me some great gift ideas.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

I'm glad I was able to help Helen.

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