Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are easy to use, made to fit a variety of sizes and mattress depths, and come in almost any color or design you can imagine.

Fitted sheets have corners, four of them.  Fitted sheets slip easily over the mattress and the corners.  Some fitted sheet even go under the mattress an inch or two for a fit that stays in place.  All the bed maker needs to do is make sure the top of the sheet is flat, that the seam ends at the top of the bed.  Fitted sheets are quick and easy to use.The edges have elastic for easy handling.  The elastic can be all the way around the sheet, or only on two sides.

The first step to buying a fitted sheet is to measure the depth of the mattress.  This can vary and is handy to know.  Most fitted sheets have mattress depth on them.  If you have a very high mattress, the depth is necessary.  You will have to search for sheets that will cover the mattress.  If the depth of the fitted sheets is less than the depth of the mattress, the fitted sheets will still work, but not as well.     

Of course, you already know the size of the mattress, twin, full, queen, and king or California king.  Most sheet sets today include two pillow cases, a top sheet and a fitted sheet.  If you find a sheet set you like, you already have the fitted sheet.  You also can buy the fitted sheets individually. 

Fitted sheets come in a variety of materials.  In the cooler weather, flannel is a favorite for extra warmth as soon as you slip under the covers.  Cotton of various thread count is the most popular material.  For people looking for more glamour, silk and satin and blends of silk and satin are an absolute necessity.

Designs range from a solid color to almost anything you can imagine.  The colors are as varied as a large box of colors.  If you are looking for a design, these come from very light and neutral to bold and eye-jarring.  There are abstract prints in various designs and things we recognize like dogs, cats, hearts, flowers, leaves, clouds, Superheroes, and wild animals to name a few.


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