Five Favorite Cooking Tools

Are you a fan of terrific kitchen tools and gadgets? If you’re like me, you really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Inventing new recipes and trying out new kitchen tools and gadgets is something that I’ve loved to do since I was first introduced to the joy of cooking.

Five Favorite Kitchen Tools

Over the years, I’ve come across some terrific kitchen tools and gadgets that are high quality and easy to work with. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Bamboo Spoons

I love working with bamboo spoons when preparing sauces, soups and stews. I’ve tried several kinds; my favorites are Oneida’s basting spoon and slotted spoon. They also have a pot spoon with a slanted edge that I haven’t tried yet. It may be the next item that I decide I need.

Ceramic Kitchen Knife

When I was first introduced to the idea of a ceramic kitchen knife, I was very skeptical. I didn’t see how a knife made from ceramic could be very durable or have much cutting power. However, I lost my doubts as soon as I started working with one. I was a fan of forged steel knives before being introduced to ceramic, but ceramic is know my favorite. I’ve tried a few different kinds; so far Starfrit Ceramic Knives is my favorite brand.

Expanding Colander

If you prepare a lot of boiled foods, you are certainly aware of just how important it is to have a quality colander. After using a footed stainless colander for several years, I decided to try Oneida’s expanding mesh colander. It is designed to be suspended above the sink with adjustable arms that slide in and out smoothly. It is now my favorite option for draining boiled shrimp, pasta and other items. I also use it for washing fresh fruit.

Food Chopper

I used to dread chopping bell peppers and onions to use in recipes. That dread stopped when I discovered the Pampered Chef food chopper. This easy-to-use gadget makes easy work of chopping peppers, onions and many other small food items. It results in much finer pieces than cutting with a knife and is much more convenient than using an electric food processor for small chopping tasks.


For a long time, I did not think it was possible to cook a perfect poached egg at home. That was before I discovered Poachpods from Fusion brands. This simple silicone tool is the perfect solution for preparing poached eggs that turn out perfectly every time.

What Are Your Favorite Cooking Tools?

Do you have a few favorite cooking tools of your own? Feel free to share information about your favorite items in the comments section below.

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Mine is the blender.

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