Five Main Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Custom Design Kitchen

from kitchen remodel designer Larissa Sand
from kitchen remodel designer Larissa Sand

The most important elements of any kitchen are visual appeal and functionality for the family. And these are the two features homeowners need to keep in mind when they want to purchase new cabinets for their kitchen remodeling project. While it may seem like a more expensive option when you look at a custom design kitchen there are obvious reasons why you should take this route to have the kitchen of your dreams.

  1. When you have a custom design kitchen all the components of the kitchen cabinets tie together to unify the room and to provide a certain style. There are different layouts to consider like having the cabinets line two walls in an L-shaped design or three walls to create a U-shape. Depending on the size of the room you can also opt to have an island in the middle or a peninsula that serves as a divider between the kitchen and an adjoining room.
  2. It is important to coordinate the style of the cabinetry in the kitchen with the style of your appliances. A modern stainless steel French style refrigerator, for example, might look out of place in a kitchen that has a country style theme. This is why cabinet designers always ask about your appliances in order to ensure they create a custom kitchen for you that is visually appealing.
  3. Personalization is an important aspect to consider when buying new kitchen cabinets. There is no one style or size to fit every customer. You might want to use a large corner cupboard for your cookware or you might prefer to have a set of drawers of varying sizes in which you can place all these utensils. Another customer may want to have a cooktop stove and a separate oven. You might want to have the cooktop or the sink in the island. These are just a few of the possibilities that exist when you opt for a custom design.
  4. A custom kitchen design is basically the only workable option for a kitchen that is not square or rectangular in shape. By having the cabinets made to meet your needs you can be sure of having the cabinets suit the shape of the kitchen to make it look perfect.
  5. If you have small wasted spaces you can maximize their use with custom cabinets made just for those areas. This enables you to be able to use these spaces for various reasons, and sometimes it means you might end up with a little extra counter space. At least you know you are maximizing your space and dollar.

Design elements for kitchens can ensure you get the most benefit of your space. The kitchen is generally one of the higher traffic rooms in the house so you have to make it as functional as possible. The design should also reflect the unique personality and taste of the family. You can’t get this with ordinary cabinets that are pre-made. By choosing a custom design kitchen you put your own stamp on the design so it is unique to you.

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