Fixing a Leaky Roof

Steps to stop the leaking

I went through a huge storm lately and then when the lights went out, I heard it. Drip, Drip, Drip. I got out of the bed and walked to the hallway to find my roof leaking. I couldn't believe it. I also knew I couldn't do anything until the next day. But as soon as I got up, I went straight to the store and got Leak Stopper.

When I went on the roof I found leaves and pine needles had built up and I had to clean it off first. So I took a broom and began to sweep off the roof and gutters. Afterwards I got my can and got to work.

The Leak Stopper was thick. I had to use a trowel to put it on. A brush wouldn't work. There was no way it could hold up to the thick rubberized tar. So I began putting it on and making sure to feather the ends like it tells you to and put it all the along the seem of the house and where I could tell it had leaked. See letting the leaves and pine needles pile up, it made a puddle and let the water get in under the shingles. This stuff allowed me to cover what damage had been done and to do it quickly.

And so far it has worked like a charm. It says its guaranteed for 30 years. So I look forward to the fact that it gave me a little longer before having to replace the roof completely. It's was well worth the money.


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