Flannel Sheets: Queen

Baby, It is cold out! Let's put on flannel sheets: queen sized and snuggle.

During the cool times, crawling into bed and pulling the covers up around your head is a treat. To make this even more enjoyable, crawling into a bed wrapped in flannel and pulling the covers up to your head is even better.  The flannel is warmer and softer and more inviting. It calls, "Come here, snuggle with me."

Today we have more choices than ever in the materials offered in bedding. Today we can enjoy things that only kings and queens could have two hundred years ago. Today we have flannel.

Flannel comes is many colors and designs.

It changes with the seasons, Christmas red, St. Patrick's Day green, heart designs for Valentines, fall plaids and all-the-time prints. People are as varied as the sheet choices. Some people are very warm and like the flannel only when it is very, very cold or they are at a ski resort. Some are warm and use the flannel during the fall and winter months. Some are cold and enjoy the feel of flannel year around. So whatever you desire, you can have.  Whatever the size of your bed: twin, full, queen, king or California king, you can enjoy these wonderful sheets. Now comes the hard part, making a decision about what you want to buy.

Do you want a solid color? If so what color or what shade of that color? You can have almost any color or shade you want.  If you want a design, what kind of design might you desire - prints of animals, bears, trees, flowers, water, mountains, sea, jungle, Super heroes, hearts, four-leaf clovers, plaids or something abstract?  Do you want the design or color soft, bright, bold or shocking?

You can create just the look that you want in your bed. If you sleep there alone, you have only yourself to please. If someone else sleeps there, they need to have a say.

A young boy may want a woods scene, a young girl may want Cinderella, or they may pick their favorite color. Your mother may insist on yellow flowers. With the choices available, you can please almost anyone.

Flannel sheets: queen, and all other sizes are easy to care for. Just wash in warm or cold water and dry in the dryer on the regular cycle or on a clothes line. It is quick and easy and they look great.


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