Floating Candle Centerpieces

Floating candle centerpieces are undoubtedly one of the most elegant way adorn a table. They can create a very intimate and warm ambiance at any event. The world’s your oyster when it comes to how you’ll decorate your floating candle centerpieces. This page covers a few ideas that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your perfect centerpiece!

The Floating Candle Bowl for your Centrepiece

Think outside the bowl! There are so many unique options when choosing the container your candles will float it. Roundish type bowls are the most common. But consider using:

  • Tall glass vases
  • Martini glasses (you can get ones that are large and can fit several candles)
  • Other geometrical shapes
  • Apothecary jars come in all sorts of cool shapes. Some have wide enough mouths to fit a few candles.

Also, keep in mind that bowls can also come in different colours. You can use this as an opportunity to tie in the centerpiece with the rest of your event colour theme.

The Water for your Floating Candle Centerpiece

Why use plain water. How about colored water? Food coloring or non-toxic paint are probably good options. You'll probably only need a tiny bit, just to give a tinge of colour. Classy!

You can choose to match the colour of all your centre pice components. For example:

  • Red rose-shaped floating candles
  • Red petals in the bowl
  • A slight pink tinge to the water

Or you can choose to add a bit of contrast to the candle/flowers or to the wedding color theme in general:

  • Red rose-shaped floating candles
  • Red floating roses
  • Ocean blue tinged water

The possibilities are endless!

Stones, pebbles and confetti jewels are commonly placed at the bottom of bowl.

Coloured Water Floating Candle Centerpieces

Coloured water for floating candle centerpieces. Yay or Nay?

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The Floating Candles

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing floating candles, you'll be spoilt for choice. Floating candles come in all shapes and sizes. These include:

  • Snowflakes
  • Roses and other flowers
  • Leaves
  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Round shaped
  • Seashells
  • Even butterfly shaped!

Apart from all the different shapes there are numerous colours to go for as well. These include basic colours, but also gold and silver to add the lush stylish look to your floating candle centerpiece. Just remember to pop in the candle last when assembling or centrepiece.

Floating Candle Centerpiece Bowl Décor

So we've covered coloring the water that will fill the bowl. Now let's think about other types of decorations you can use inside the bowl. You can co-ordinate these to be beside the floating candle or under it.


You will have to use items that float so that they can float beside your floating candle. This includes whole flowers and petals.


These will have to be heavy and be able to sink. This includes plastic gems, rocks, heavier flowers, fruit, or any other plant material. It can be anything!! As long as it is heavy enough to sink or if you can somewho get it to stay underwater. If you want to use something lighter underneath your floating candle, you could clamp it down with rocks or bury some of it in the plastic gems etc. Like if you use a flower, you can bury the stalk, that way it will stay in place. You can just make sure your candle if on top of it, that way it own be able to float right up to the top.

Remember to tie this in with the rest of your floating candle centerpiece. You can do this in terms of colour shapes. For example, if you use a heart shaped candle, you could maybe use a thick layer of little heart shaped gemstones at the bottom on your floating candle centerpiece bowl. If you're decorating for a company christmas party you could make the candle one color on the company logo, and make the gemstones the other colour.

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aleida_77 profile image

aleida_77 6 years ago from Los Angeles

There is something a little magical about fire and water together, and a floating candle is right there! Thanks for the great information and all of the beautiful pictures.

Inspiration101 profile image

Inspiration101 6 years ago Author

You're so right. It is magical! Thank you for stopping by : )

relica profile image

relica 6 years ago from California

I have never considered using floating candles as a centerpiece, but it certainly solves he problem of keeping the line of sight open for conversation while still having a beautiful candle display on your table. Great hub.

Inspiration101 profile image

Inspiration101 6 years ago Author

Definately. Floating candles do create an intimate environment that's conducive for conversation. Glad you liked the hub!

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

I love those floating candles. They are beautiful!

Rismayanti profile image

Rismayanti 6 years ago from Tropical Island

nice candle.. i like floating candle.. romantic

DavidLivingston 6 years ago

I like these in my own living room too. It makes the room romantic, like a tinge of a feminine touch.

Daniella 2 years ago

Hi. I am looking for someone who will not charge too much and can make me 9 table arrangements of tall vases with flower and floating candle for an event in north west london ! Any suggestions please?

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