Floating Lounge Chair

Soak Up the Sun in a Floating Lounge Chair

Ah, it's summer time and the livin' is easy. Well, of course it's easy if you aren't working in the sun. With a good floating lounge chair you can enjoy a day in the pool, the lake, or even on a calm ocean. Snoozing, reading, socializing, sunning, and just staying cool are the order of the day.

On this page, you'll find a variety of floating lounges and inflatable lounge chairs. Starting with the more affordable options, you will find inflatables that are very portable once deflated. You'll just need to decide if you want to be completely up out of the water or left with a few inches of water surrounding you to keep you cool. The longer lasting and slightly more expensive floating lounge chairs use pontoons, foam, and similar things to keep them afloat, but resemble a more traditional chair.

See all of these below.

Tips on Care and Maintenance

A variety of materials are used in these loungers and for the sake of longevity, reading manufacturer's instructions about caring for and storing these chairs is important. However, in general, it is critical to rinse them off after use to limit break down and fading. Chlorine is particularly harmful over time.

It is also important to dry them before storing to help discourage the formation of mold or mildew. The area where they are stored should be dry and out of the sun. Excessive sun exposure can also break down materials and cause fading.

Kelsyus Floating Lounger

This floating lounge chair from Kelsyus measures 38" x 56" and when deflated folds up into a compact disc that's easy to carry or store; especially with the included carrying bag. Lay back and enjoy the afternoon while staying cool in the water. This inflatable lounge chair has a generous backrest and an extended ottomon for putting your feet up. It's has a sturdy 50% steel/50% PVC frame and a nylon cover with mesh. The inflatable perimeter keeps you afloat but allows you to be lowered into the water just enough to stay cool.

This chair inflates quickly with it's Jet Valve and deflates within minutes as well.

Adjustable Lounger

This chair offers flexibility and can be used upright or laid back as a chaise lounge. It has four interior 12 gauge vinyl inner bladders that can be inflated more, or less, to suit the needs of individual family members.

It features armrests, a headrest, and back support. It's made with fast drying heavy polyester and measures 37" x 32".


This Intext floating lounge chair is perfect for those who want to stay dry. The 2 air chambers keep you completely out of the water until you decide to dangle a foot or hand over the side. It's ideal for reading while in the pool.

It also has two cup holders positioned on the side handles for your convenience and is constructed of 18 gauge vinyl for durability.


This floating lounger has a a hammock style. It offers a built in pillow on a 66" x 40" mattress which allows you to lie with your head propped up. It's made with a sturdy steel/PVC frame and durable nylon fabric. The perimeter is inflatable and the center is made with a nylon mesh that allows a few inches of water to surround you as you float.

Perfect for travel, this inflatable lounger deflates and inflates very quickly and folds down to a compact size that is also great for carrying and storage.

Classic Floating Lounger

This chair provides a full sized 66" x 36" mattress made of 14 gauge vinyl for durability. It features a tube style pillow, 2 beverage holders on the arms, and an opening for your feet if you decide to dip them in the water.

Hammock Lounger

This floating lounger is perfect if you like to keep your body in the water. It is made of durable all weather fabric and has an inflatable vinyl head and foot rest. It works wonderfully in the water but can also be used on the sand as well. It measures 46" x 24" and is extremely compact when folded up.

"Unsinkable" Chaise

This floating lounge chair is kept afloat with buoyant ensolite foam. It has a 21" seat and measures 34" wide by 63" long. The soft vinyl cover is comfortable and yet tear resistant. It also features drink holders on the arms. Unlike inflatable pool lounge chairs, this one should last for many seasons and provide thousands of hours of fun in the sun.

Pontoon Chair

This adult size floating lounge chair is made with attractive contemporary, fade resistant fabirc and glittering pontoons to keep you afloat. It has an extra wide bed, padded pillow, and floating foot rest for comfort. This chair even offers two built-in cup holders for keeping beverages close at hand.

Luxury Floating Lounger

With a comfortable seamless design including an oversized quilted seat, arms with built-in beverage holders, and a supportive backrest, no one will want to vacate this floating lounge chair. It's unique construction assures the chair won't over heat in the sun, it's UV resistant, and won't be affected by chlorine and other pool chemicals. It will provide many seasons of enjoyment as there is nothing to rust, and it resists peeling, cracking, and flaking.

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Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, wow now I want to get on one now! what a great idea, I would love one of these to take to the beach or swimming pool. cheers nell

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 6 years ago from USA

Do these come with a life guard??? LOL Great article and information...

Patti Ann profile image

Patti Ann 6 years ago from Florida

Terrific! With all the heat this summer I have spent a lot of time in the pool - great selection of floats.

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