Floor Cleaning Robot – Picabot Vacuum Cleaner

A Good Helper

We do not need part time maids anymore. We have been using a domestic floor cleaning robot for over a year now. It is called “picabot” and is a very useful helper. As compared to part time maids, we will agree that picabot cleans better. After each cleaning session, our floor is dirt, debris and dust free. In the long run, picabot is a cheaper option as compared to part time maids.

However, the actual reason we use picabot is because it saves us time. As both of us have a full time job, it’s really difficult to spend a lot of time cleaning the two storey house. On weekdays when we come home from work or from dinner, we rather rest and wind down. Too tired or lazy (have to admit this) to do anymore housework. So it’s picabot to the rescue. All we need to do is to switch it on and let it clean the floor automatically. And it will return to the base to charge after working. Almost no effort required from our part. On weekends, we can have it cleaning the floor while we go shopping. Free our time. Even if we hire part time maids, we still have to be around to monitor them. Hence, we seriously recommend picabot to busy people or for those who wants to spend their precious time on other matters.

Apart from simultaneous sweeping and vacuuming, picabot sterilizes the floor of harmful micro-organism, germs and viruses with UV disinfecting nanotech Light.

Other Features:

Advance robotic intelligence to continually readjust cleaning pattern for the most efficient cleaning.

Can use on wooden, tiled or carpeted floor.

Can clean under the bed or sofa as its only 9cm in height.

Soft touch and retract movement to protect furniture from scratch even if used frequently.

Use only 24W as compared to 1000W for vacuum cleaner. This will result in energy saving and friendlier to environment.

Comes with remote control, especially useful for elderly people.

Easy to use and no maintenance required.

Setbacks of picabot:

Cleaning time is 80minutes. Charging time is 180minutes.

Take many hours to clean if you have a large house. Recommended use for condominium and double storey house only (build up area less than 3,000sq ft). Bungalow owners, we assume you already have at least one full time maid to do the job.

Initially, when Keith (our son) just started to crawl he was afraid of picabot especially when it’s doing the cleaning (in motion). Now, that he can walk and out run picabot so the fear has also subsided. In fact picabot is Keith’s good friend as it keeps our home clean and germs free thus keeping our family healthy.

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_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 7 years ago from California

I've always seen these, but didn't realize the Picabot you mentioned actually sterilizes with a UV disinfecting nanotech light! I could use one of these =)

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 7 years ago from South East Asia Author

Yah... and don't have to worry about baby/child playing, crawling and rolling on the floor.

Jersey Jess profile image

Jersey Jess 7 years ago from USA

Wow, great hub! My family could use one of these, thanks for posting!

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 7 years ago from South East Asia Author

JJ thanks for visiting. This floor cleaning robot makes life better.

edwina 7 years ago

I saw that robot at ur hse, quite cutie!!!

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 7 years ago from South East Asia Author

Hi edwina, glad to see you here. :) Haha you noticed it.. although it was at a corner and partially covered by the curtains.

Shoppas 6 years ago

Pretty sweet for small jobs at home. When you need something for a big job, the floor cleaning equipment at http://shoppas.com/smh is definitely the best!

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

Picabot is ideal for home use. And if you have a large home of more than 3,000 sq ft, get something else. Nevertheless, Picabot is a great workhorse and upto today still cleaning my home diligently.

cleaners in altrincham 6 years ago

Do you know if this product is approved for safe use in the UK? Looks like it could be a good thing to try out in my cleaning business. Especially if it saves time as you say.

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

hi cleaners in altrincham,

Apologies for replying so late.. needed to get the manufacturer's confirmation on this.

Yes it complies to CE, RoHS and SITPA(Society of Industrial Technology on Photocatalytic Article, Japan) while the power adapter(100-240VAC 50/60Hz)is complying to UL(Canada,US),CE and GS standard. In fact, the version sold in UK called Cleanmate QQ2L is same as the US version.

Hope this is useful.

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

If you are interested, get the picabot eVo2M, the upgraded version launched in Feb 2010. This model has improved the running time to up to 2 hours(120 minutes). While everything remain the same, you can run eVo2M after it has finished its first round of say, 80

minutes(if you leave it to the default duration) you can continue with the next round of about 30 minutes before the battery level ran low. It therefore can cover a bigger area(up to 2000 sqft).

Those customers with bigger house usually buy more than 1 unit, which is also very common in US and Europe, or they simply run multiple times. Once fully charged, run it up stairs till battery level low. To clean ground floor, put it back to charge with the 'GO' button activated before going out to let it move around automatically after it is fully charged.

This is a useful robot to have at home.

MrLonely 6 years ago

nice info.. keep it up ~

anne 6 years ago

i'm really interested in it!

jasonycc profile image

jasonycc 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

MrLonely, Anne, a pleasure to have both of you here. Have u picked up a picabot for yourself? You should. :)

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