Floor Pad- When for what color pads?

Floor Pads- What for When?

Floor pads- When do you use which color pads?

Here is a quick lessons for you.

White color: Polishing

Red: Polishing and light scrubbing (Light top scrub-it will remove light scratches and scuff marks)

Blue: Light to medium scrubbing (Light top scrub to medium top scrub- it will remove 1 to 2 coats of finish)

Green: Medium to heavy scrubbing (Heavy top scrub- it will remove 2-3 coats of finish)

Black: Stripping to heavy scrubbing (It will remove complete all of finish on the floor)

To learn how to strip and wax, top scrub and re-coat, and daily maintenance of VCT floor, please visit our home website at: http://www.janitorialcontractorshelp.com

How to strip and wax instruction -Video

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