Florida Homes

The sandy beaches and sunny weather in Florida has made the state a destination and home for millions of people. With many great communities that still have relatively low real estate prices, Florida has been and continues to be a hot spot for home owners. Whether you're looking for a vacation home or a permanent place of residence, Florida can easily become your next home.

There are many ways to get started in the process of getting a home in Florida for when you're looking for something for a few months of the year. If you're looking for a home for the winter months to avoid the snow and freezing weather, getting a rental home in Florida can be a great option for you. You can find many vacation homes or rentals in a variety of places including homes close to the beach or even in a nice scenic area.

Luxury Florida Home Rentals
Luxury Florida Home Rentals

The Top Florida Communities

If you're considering buying or renting a home in Florida, finding a community that's quality, safe, and affordable is very important. Whether you're planning on raising a family in the home or you just need a home for the winter months you need to choose a location inside a top community.demographers list six criteria that define a town as best for families with children.

A study conducted by Dr. Andrew Schiller (a specialist in American demographics) created a list of the best Florida communities using government data. About the process of creating the list, Schiller says:

"We were looking for those very select communities that have both quality public schools and an exceptional family-friendly environment--not towns that may excel at one or two criteria but lacking in other ways."

With that data, he compiled a variety of factors that goes into a good community including: the quality of the public schools, the crime rate, a proportion of families with children, the number of people with college degrees, and the number of people who own their houses.

The top 10 best communities of Florida are:

  1. Windermere
  2. Boca Raton
  3. Winter Springs
  4. Key Biscayne
  5. Longwood
  6. Orange Park
  7. Fort Lauderdale (west of the Florida Turnpike)
  8. Jupiter
  9. Oviedos
  10. Naples


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