Folding Card Table

A fold card table is often seen as a versatile piece of home or portable furniture. Available in a multitude of designs, lightweight materials, and styles to accommodate all needs. Not all card tabletops are a standard square or rectangle shape, round and octagon tables are also a popular option. Tops of the tables are in felt to avoid unwanted shifting of cards and chips to a basic and washable polyester fabric. A foldable table comes in a choice of materials, such as wood, resin, and metal.

If planning to host a private card game at home, it’s best to have the ideal set-up, with a dedicated set of folding card table and chairs all intended for the purpose in hand. Attempting to made do on a rickety kitchen table isn't ideal, as it can be difficult to deal on, count chips, and to shuffle on. Everything will feel and run that much smoother if playing on a smooth, felt covered tabletop.

Shopping for Poker Table Tops

Cost wise, expect to see price tags in the region of $65 for a 34" Square table with a set of four chairs to $350 for an 84" folding poker table, with six chairs and accessorized with a rolling storage rack, and a vast range of tables in between. Additional features to these tables include cup holders built into the outer rail, carry bags for a compact model, and replacement cloths. Searching online will result in a vast choice of table to view - with those suitable of tournament or home use, and able to accommodate two to ten players with ease.

If a Foldable table folds down flat it offers a convenient storage option, and great for using in smaller spaces, such as tent, camper or watercraft.

Self Building Plans

If a competent do-it-yourself enthusiast is in need of a new home project than it often a possibility to pick up a set of detailed drawings, plans and patterns to start building a poker table - a project that’s often possible to complete in a single weekend with some dedicated work and commitment. Full-sized felt covered tables are available to build in an abundance of styles to suit all needs. It’s just a case of searching online for the most appropriate set of plans to get underway.

In addition to being used for card games, a foldable card table can also double up as a craft table, for creating puzzles, models, or other such fun activities that a family might participate in.


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