Fort Myers Real Estate

Fort Myers
Fort Myers

Fort Myers Real Estate

Fort Myers, A Brief History

Fort Myers is located in Lee County, Florida. Named in honor of Col. Abraham Myers, son-in-law of the commander of the fort during the 1850s. During that time, the fort was constantly under siege by the Seminole Indians, and was then given up and abandoned after several years. In 1863 however, it became functional once again as the union troops take it up as a military garrison. After the war was over the fort was once again left abandoned.

The early fort settlers arrived years later during 1866, but it was during 1882 that the influx of settlers started pouring in. By 1885, the city was incorporated and was already considered as the largest after Tampa.

Fort Myers Now

Now, Fort Myers is one of the primary commercial centers (along with Cape Coral) and is the county seat of Lee County, Florida. Fort Myers real estate properties are of increasing value as more and more people are beginning to discover the one of a kind lifestyle the city offers. Businesses are booming, the people are happy, and the city as a whole is very much progressive.

Why You Should Consider A Fort Myers Real Estate Property

As a coastal city in the sunshine state of Florida, Fort Myers boasts a metropolitan life full of pleasure and riches. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and the pristine white sand beaches, the multitude of outdoor recreation makes Fort Myers Real Estate properties really one of the ideal places to live.

Other attractions and interest points include:

  • The Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • The historic Downtown Fort Myers Art Walk
  • A waterfront entertainment district
  • The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium - a 105-acre site which primarily features picnic spots, nature trails, museums, bird aviaries, gift shops, and a planetarium.

Fort Myers Beach Condo
Fort Myers Beach Condo

Fort Myers Beach Real Estate

The beach part of Fort Myers has always been one of the destinations of choice of tourists and local travelers alike due to its offered luxurious privileges including but not limited to; white sand beaches, an enjoying island lifestyle, and abundant shopping plus fine dining. Imagine what a comfortable life it would be being so close to these amenities!

The primary Fort Myers beach real estate properties to be found are as follows:

Beach Condos

Living in a condo in this city is basically one of the best ways to enjoy life. Most of them are located in the city's prime spots near to shopping center, dining areas, beach resorts, and even golf courses!

Vacation Houses

If you're the busy kind of person who prefers the beach lifestyle vacations, then owning a Fort Myers vacation house would be a good choice for you. Enjoy the same amenities the city has to offer every time you take a break from your everyday life.

Fort Myers Beach Home
Fort Myers Beach Home


Want to make this lifestyle a part of your everyday life? Being so close to the white sand beaches and lifestyle and entertainment centers, you won't regret settling down here.

Whatever it is that you like, owning a Fort Myers Real Estate property would be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

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