Using a radiant barrier in your attached garage

Do you have an attached garage? This may be an energy drain to your home. A green energy barrier can help.

How often do you park in your garage? More often, you will see homeowners using their garages as storage spaces, play rooms, or a workshop. Ever been in your garage during a hot summer's day? Then you know how hot it can become. Attached garages are popular on many homes, and builders do not insulate them. Moreover, homeowners rarely go back to insulate this space. However, most of us are worried about using more energy and reducing our bills, so insulating our garages may be something to consider.

We know radiant barriers can go under our roofs, but this insulation has more uses. Installing a radiant barrier in the garage can be an easy and effective project for a homeowner. When it comes to insulation, we look at the R-factor. This is the resistance to transferring heat. A higher R-factor means a better insulator. Most of the time, we discuss the R-factor that is needed for the attic, but we may not hear about the walls of our home. An R-19 is the suggested insulating factor for walls for most of North America. This is for a living space though. What about in a non-living area attached to the house. Well, R-19 may be ideal, but you do not need to go this high. An R-8 is frequently suggested for a garage or shed, and as it so happens that radiant barriers installed on walls comes to an R-8 in most incidences. You can staple the radiant barrier to the framing.

Garage doors are hard to insulate. Most rolled insulation does not fit well into the cavities of the garage doors. These rolls can also fall out if not properly attached, which is not so easy. A radiant barrier roll becomes one of the best solutions for the do it yourself homeowner. Radiant barriers are easy to cut to fit into the garage door. The barrier can be attached with a glue product, tape, or staple. This job may only take an hour, but it provides great cost savings for a homeowner.

An entire garage project for installing a radiant barrier may take a couple of hours, but this helps the house so much. Being easy to do, you may wish to consider this your next project.

photo credits: John Beagle of Flickr

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tuscun profile image

tuscun 5 years ago

Great hub about how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. I am also an insulation and energy efficiency fan and I must congratulate you for these very useful tips. I hope I`ll be seeing more hubs about insulation techniques from you soon. Keep up the good work.

Rudyawan 3 years ago

Kay Bowman - Heather, you know I am prejudiced when it comes to loikong at your photos- I think all of them are great! But I have to comment on T'neal's. These are awesome. T'neal is so beautiful. I think you captured her beauty along with her love of horses in an extraordinary way. I can't wait to see the wedding pics! I am so very proud of you. Keep up the good work!

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