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Recently I was searching for a harvest table, but I found them outrageously priced ranging from $1500 to $2000. I was about to shell out $3500 for an entire set when my sister said, “Why don’t you do what mom did and hit all the estate auctions and rummage sales, I bet you can find a better deal.”

I began to think back over the many times my mother would bargain shop, she was never too proud to hit the nearest auction or rummage sale, so why should I? Collecting antiques and/or refinishing furniture were not uncommon for my mother. She much rather refinishing an old piece she found at a rummage sale than buy new, always saying, “They don’t make pieces like this anymore.”

That is when I decided my sister was right, why spend all this money at a time when our economy is so bad, when I should be a little more frugal and use the money I had properly. I decided to look around first before I made up my mind as to what to do…

After hitting 2 or 3 places I ran across a bench, it was old and scuffed up but I thought it was still salvageable, so I purchased it for $25. A few days later, I ran across a set of 4 old chairs that were similar in design to the old bench I found and the sellers were only asking $30 for the set, now all I need is a table. (The picture above was taken prior to moving it to my home, as I saw it)

It took me approximately 2 months of searching but I finally ran across an old scuffed up harvest table at an auction, which I won for $500. Upon taking the table home I sat there looking at all the pieces thinking I hope I did the right thing, for I don’t know the first thing about refinishing furniture.

As I started cleaning the pieces did I realize just how dirty they were, but after several washings did all the true dings and scratches come to surface. I bought a small hand sander, and sanded out most of the scratches, then proceeded to paint. I decided to leave the table top wood, so I bought a small can of mahogany stain.

From the moment I started this project till the time I brushed on my first coat of paint I remained apprehensive, until I was near finished and it all started to pull together. I couldn't be happier with my set and I spent a total of $555 dollars vs. $3,500. I removed one of the chairs so you can get a better look at the table. Now I am in search of an old colonial window pained hutch that I may be able to refinish and a nice harvest centerpiece. With luck and a little work I may get a complete set for pennies on the dollar. Never again will I just run out and spend, when there are so many other ways to get what I want for a quarter of the price, and mom was right they don’t build things the way they use to for I have never had a set this sturdy.

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LSpel profile image

LSpel 5 years ago from The Murder Mitten

Great article! I love redoing furniture. A little paint fixes everything!

smarty2pop profile image

smarty2pop 5 years ago Author

I'm new at this, but yes and it's exciting to see the end product. Thank you LSpel

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