Garage Heaters Keep You Warm

Garage heaters are the best way of keeping warmth when you are busy in your garage. They are inexpensive and are able to heat several areas where some conventional heaters may not be able to reach. They make use of simple thermostat control plus temperature cut-outs which make it easier to control. Garage heaters dissipate constantly clean heat to all the areas within the garage.

Electric garage heaters are heavy duty steel electric heaters used in the garage. An electric garage heater often comes with hard wiring components which make it eliminate maintenance problems commonly associated with propane heaters. Electric garage heaters also possess several other features including; Built-in thermostat for accurate temperature control, automatic safety shut-offs which protect the equipment from over-heating, and metal protections for additional rigidity. An electric garage heater is capable of covering up to 500 square feet of your garage.

A Propane garage heater is more economical to operate than the electric garage heater. It has a 99% efficient heater system. It is clean and odour-free.  Propane heater is thermostatically controlled and can heat up to 850 square feet of your garage. Propane garage heaters have varying propane usage measurement capacities ranging from 8,000 BTU to 22,000 BTU depending on the size, a propane heater also come with an economical insulation.


The Natural gas garage heater varies in capacity and size especially from 30,000 Btu 1 to 1-1/2 Car Garage Heater sizes to 115 Volt 1 Phase Propane/Gas Power Vent Unit Heater. The from 30,000 Btu 1 to 1-1/2 Car Garage Heater size is one of the smallest natural gas garage heater one can get around. A Natural gas garage heater is readily available and Propane conversion kits are readily available for easy installation.

Gas garage heaters may also be referred to as gas space heaters because they are able to economize spaces within a residential house or commercial buildings. These garage heaters gas require adequate ventilation and are very economical in both usage and maintenance. Garage heaters gas has several features that make it unique and efficient in heating enclosures. The gas itself is combustive in nature but highly inflammable, hence should be handled with care especially if is it propane.

Dayton garage heater or Dayton G73 electric heater conveniently boasts of amazing 17,1000 BTUs of heating power and has a coverage area of 500 square feet and it is quite ideal for commercial or industrial purposes. With the Dayton garage heater, there is no need of getting Propane heating systems which come with problems such as ventilation and highly dangerous gas chemicals.

The Dayton garage heater is a utility heater which makes use of 240 volts, and 17,100 BTUs to heat up big expansive areas . It is quite safe minimizes electricity usages.

Garage heaters are quite easy to maintain since they are generally meant for outdoor activities. They can be easily cleaned and maintained bit they need to kept in safe conditions to make them long-lasting.

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