Top 3 Garden Lights Choices To Light Up Your Yard

Your flower garden is an important place to spend time making memories with your loved ones. Many evenings are spent sitting in the yard with family and friends enjoying each other’s company while the children run and play until well after dark. If you spend a lot of time in your garden in the evenings, it’s a good idea to have some sort of lighting out there. Let’s take a look at some different types of outdoor garden lights and the reasons why you might consider adding them to your garden.


Lamp Post Garden Lights

A neat way to add both light and a little decoration to your garden is by using lamp post lights. These lights give off a good clean light and add a dramatic effect to any garden.

Some of the most beautiful lamp posts I’ve seen have been embellished with scroll designs. These garden lights can be designed to blend into their surroundings or to boldly stand out like a piece of art in your garden. Either way, lamp posts are a great way to add beauty and light to a dark garden.

When shopping for your garden lamp posts, keep the following in mind. Find one with a good quality stone or steel structure. They seem to stand up to bad weather and last the longest. No sense in purchasing one that will short out or be knocked over the next time it rains, right?

Also, lamp posts vary in price. For a good quality garden lamp post expect the cost to be well over $100.00. I recommend shopping around online because many stores don’t keep them in regular stock and if they do they tend to be overpriced.


Solar Garden Lights

Another great and inexpensive way to add light and beauty to your garden is to use solar garden lights. By placing solar garden lighting around pathways or at flower bed edgings, you not only keep your garden safe from being stepped on, but also allow enjoyment when the sun goes down.

Solar lights work different than regular garden lights. These lights have solar cells that suck up the suns energy during the day and use solar energy to power the lights at night. This type of solar garden light adds a pleasant atmosphere to your garden and is a good way to add lighting to your garden without digging up half of it for the installation.

Solar garden lights have advantages over traditional lighting. I personally love this type of garden lighting because it can be used for remote areas that don’t have electricity available such as a backyard shed or a pathway to your compost pile. If you have ever been horrified at night by a snake slithering across your path, you certainly know the importance of having light. Also, with the traditional garden lights, I could never remember if I’d turned them off before leaving for work each morning. Usually I hadn’t, which made my electric bill a bit higher. This type of lighting saves me from having to remember when to turn my lights on and off. The lights come on by themselves and when the sun comes up they shut themselves off.

If you have decided on adding solar garden lights there are some things to do before you buy. First, you need to inspect them for quality before getting out your wallet. Next, inspect your metal stakes. They should be made from hard plastic or metal. The stake must be placed in the ground and if you use a low grade plastic, it will simply break off. Finally, you should also check the battery life. Many of the best solar lights will shine bright for the entire night, while some of the less expensive ones start to lose power after only a couple of hours.


Lantern Garden Lights

To add a spot of light and to create a whimsical feel about your garden consider using garden lanterns. Not only are these lanterns nicely designed, but they are very useful. They don’t require an electrical outlet so they save you money on your electric bill. Many owners choose to use citronella candles in the lanterns so not only will your lantern look great,a but it will also protect you from mosquitoes too. Garden lanterns can be hung from the branch of a tree or simply placed on a table. Many are made from copper, iron, and brass and aren’t that expensive.

Most people tend to choose their lanterns based on their taste and preference, but there are other things you want to consider as well. Make sure you get one that is weatherproof. These are the best kind because they do not rust in the rain. Nothing is worse than buying something for your garden and then finding out later that it was intended for inside decoration only. Also when purchasing, consider the base of the lantern. Will it be easy to turn over if it is sat on a table? You will want to look for a lantern that has a wide base that is proportionate to the entire size of the lantern. A small, skinny bottom will be more prone to tip over possibly causing a fire or allowing melted wax to cover everything.

Whether you need just a bit of light or you need to light your whole garden, garden lights are a must have for the modern garden. Installing lights is a way to enjoy your garden well into the night so you can make memories you won’t ever forget. This article only covers some of my favorite garden lighting ideas, there are many more lawn and garden light options out there. I hope after reading this I have given you some garden light ideas and helped you on your journey to making a better decision about what is best for you and your garden.


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Maggie 23 months ago

Your posting is abtoulsely on the point!

Pacal Votan 7 years ago

lol I don't know. Maybe you have a good taste. :)

I like your home improvement ideas.

stephanie mclain profile image

stephanie mclain 7 years ago from Texas Author

@ Pacal Votan - I don't do colorful except at Christmas time & I don't do alien yard lighting at all. lol So I must be sane, right? :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Pacal Votan 7 years ago

Good, sensible advice, stephanie. Thanks.

My neighbor is a garden lights enthusiast. Well, in fact he is crazy about lamps in general. You can see him playing around with all sorts of funky colorful lamps that look like alien astronaut helmets and stuff. Put simply, he is crazy, I think. :)

stephanie mclain profile image

stephanie mclain 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for stopping by Marty! :)

Marty1 profile image

Marty1 7 years ago from New South Wales Australia

Gidday Stephanie, nice article here. I will be looking at using some of these lights for a future gardening project. Thanks for the information.


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