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Creative Canvas

- So you just moved into your new home and you are wondering what you could possibly do with a yard that is drab. Stand in the street and look over your blank canvas as you begin to think creatively just like an artist.

Do not be afraid to use your imagination and begin to toss around ideas of height, dimension, color, sun, shade and shapes. Do you have two trees within 7 feet of each other? Why not create a special garden and call it your dog bone garden. Use landscape stone and add a retaining wall. Plant Hostas or Lily's around the tree trunks.

Why not lay bricks on both sides at the end of the driveway. Ferns are a nice touch adding a delicate touch whenever the wind decides to brisk their leaves. Plant an Evergreen Garden with Yews, Junipers or one of the many favorites. Do not forget the stepping stones that add that mystical look as it beckons others to walk the path of creativity.

Once your canvas has been completed what are others saying about your work of art? Do they stop to marvel at all your hard work? How does your extended home make you feel? Is it relaxing and soothing for you?

Do not be afraid to begin with one garden and move onto other sections as you expand into yet another garden. If grass will not grow do you have to settle for dirt? No, just find a plant that will thrive in your soil type and reinvent the problem area into something that is stunning.

Sabrina Delaney

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