Gardening Tips and Some Curiosities About Roses

Gardening Tips and Some Curiosities About Roses

The rose is a flower of Asian origin, much cultivated throughout the world since antiquity. The rose can produce different colors, sizes and species (there are about 100 described species), may have spines or not, can be edible or not, and can be crossed artificially.

The crossover generates artificial hybrid roses, altering the DNA of the plant which can cause mixed, longer lasting and greater flowers. Studies dating the rose say it may have arisen some 35 million years ago, studies are made from fossils.

For handling of roses some precautions are important:

  • First it is essential to pay attention to the danger of hurting yourself and hurting others with the thorns that these flowers contain. Therefore it is important to take care, handling or giving a rose to someone, use of suitable gloves is essential.
  • Roses can be given in pots, bouquets or loose. If you choose a rose bouquet or a loose, choose roses with good looks, new petals, bright and with the flower bud.
  • If you choose to make a vase of roses, be mindful of the stem which must be healthy and well attached to land.

  • The roses in pots must be removed from the vessel and transported to a place with enough land and space.
  • It is important to periodically prune the plant so that it gives roses, removing twigs and dried petals.
  • It is also important to clean around the plant, eliminating pests and other plants that are born close to pink, not to hinder their development.
  • Where necessary fertilize your rose with specific products for it (easily found in florists and homes of the branch).

Finally, it is interesting to know that some species of roses have their petals edible and can be used in salads and desserts. It is a plant rich in vitamins. But not all species that can be used in cooking, also rose in medicine is widely used in mergers, with power to calming the mind and body.

Anyway captivating, poetic, aromatic and beautiful, so are roses that are present in people's lives from simple moments to the most important moments.

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