Gender Neutral Nursery Themes, Bedding and Design

For those parents who are waiting to find out the baby's gender, there are plenty of ways you can add warmth and personality without defining the nursery space as a boys or girls room.

If you are confused about how to decorate a new baby's nursery, for fear that it might be overly feminine or too boy-oriented, consider the use of gender neutral design themes and colors. Not only will these neutral colors work well with just about any decor, they provide a calm and sophisticated look when compared to bubble gum pink or pale blue that is typically used in nurseries. Gender neutral nursery bedding and design can grow with your child from infancy through the teenage years.

Family keepsakes are an innovative place to look for tried and true themes as well as personal decorative elements. Display old family photos, treasured toys and books to add character and history to the room. You can also include pieces from your own childhood.

Good color choices for a neutral toned bedroom include, khaki, brown, brown combined with red, black and white, tan, sage and softer shades of yellow or gold. Grey is a popular neutral tone that grows with a child as they age. It also imparts an elegant feel to the nursery. The word "neutral" in this case not only refers to color choices, but eliminates the look of overly planned or themed nurseries. Gender neutral, then does not focus so much on a boy or girl room, but rather on design elements that can grow with the child. This, like color choice, prolongs the livability of the space, enabling the youngster to stay in the room long after infancy.

Simple fabrics like cotton and twill in patterns that range from stripes to checks enhance the gender neutral theme. Design elements should focus on straight lines with few embellishments. Look for furniture that is clean and functional, painted in a classic black or white, or natural wood with a coat of polyurethane for protection. Wood tones work well in gender neutral rooms and never go out of style. Opt for multi-purpose pieces such as bookshelves or armoires, which are useful for storage and display. Choose furniture that the baby will not outgrow.

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