Get Help from Heating and Air Service to Locate Your Air Filters

As part of regular heating and air service maintenance homeowners should be inspecting their air filters to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the system and restricting air flow. To perform this simple maintenance task, it’s important to know the location of the filters so the correct ones can be installed when needed.

Depending on the type of unit that was installed the filter can be located in a few different places. In many units the filter can be found in the main cabinet of the system located next to the blower. Usually they can be removed by simply sliding them out so a new one can be pushed into place. Others will have them installed behind a door near the blower and still others will have the air filters installed in a prefabricated filter door. In this type of installation it may be necessary to remove a few screws to have access to the filter housing.

In some homes the filters may be located in the home behind an air return duct and can be replaced by removing the return grill. If for any reason the filters are unable to be located homeowners can call the company that installed the system, or any licensed reputable heating and air service company for help.

Even more important than changing the filters before they get too dirty, is making sure the correct filters are installed. In addition to the size, some filters may be too restrictive for the heating and air conditioning unit in which they are installed. This can restrict the air flow through the systems and create additional problems.

A filter that allows too much air to flow, or one that does not fit the filter housing correctly, can allow dirt and dust to bypass the filter, letting it into the unit to cause potential damage. When it comes time to change the air filters, using ones that are the same size as the ones already installed may seem like the logical approach, but it may not be the best one. It is possible the previous owner of a home may have installed the wrong size or thickness and you are simply going to continue having a problem.

The name of the unit manufacturer should be easily located on the unit, along with the model number and the right size and density of filter can be ascertained by calling the manufacturer or by calling the local heating and air service company that services that brand. Most air filters are not that expensive but again, just because the measurements indicate it will fit, and its available at a bargain price, does not mean it is the right one for your system.

It can be a better bargain to pay slightly more for a quality air filter for which your system was designed than to replace them with the least expensive you can find. Additionally, regardless of how much you choose to spend on air filters you will still need to inspect them periodically for blockage. Most professionals agree that the air filters should be changed at least every 30 days to maintain your unit’s efficiency.

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