Get The Best Self Adhesive Carpet Tiles For The Best Price

If you are in the market of self adhesive carpet tiles, you may want to take a few things into consideration to make sure you get the best price possible on the berber squares. As you may already know, peel and stick flooring like this is quite popular due to ease of installation, making it a much more economical option for homeowners looking to do their own home repair and remodeling. Let’s look at how to compare self adhesive carpet tiles, so you can get the best deal possible.

Check the Pad

This is one of the most important things you will need to consider with self adhesive carpet tiles and berber squares. The pad, as you may already know, is typically attached to the flooring square. This is one of the keys to DIY installation, since you don’t need to stretch the berber over the pad. The pad, however, is one of the trickiest things to compare when you want to make sure you get the best self adhesive carpet tiles for the best price and not just the cheapest peel and stick floor.

The density of the pad is very key when you consider self adhesive carpet tiles. The berber squares will require some careful inspection when it comes to the attached pad. First, you want to check out the density of the pad. Sometimes it will be advertised on the package, but most times it won’t be there. Push down on the pad to make sure it’s stiff. A soft pad is not dense and will crush, showing wear and tear quickly in high traffic areas. A nice, firm pad that springs back when pushed in with your finger is what you’re going after with your peel and stick flooring.

Of course, the pad inspection should include the thickness of the pad, too. This can be tricky though, since many self adhesive carpet tiles companies will push a very thick pad to give the illusion of quality. True, a thicker pad will be softer on the feet, but they also crush easier in most cases. A very thin pad, however, will not be nearly as comfortable when you walk on it. You aren’t looking for the cheapest flooring, but the best deal. The thickness is important with self adhesive carpet tiles.

Fiber Ounce Weight

I worked my way through college in the flooring department of a major home improvement retailer. Fiber ounce weight, as it pertains to self adhesive carpet tiles, refers to the volume of fabric used to make the berber square floor. You can think of this as similar to pad density. The danger of a low weight is the wear and tear shown, especially in high traffic areas. Look for a high fiber ounce weight when you search for self adhesive carpet tiles and peel and stick berber squares. You will have a hard time finding a high weight on a cheap berber square.

Additional Considerations

Before you rush in and buy cheap self adhesive carpet tiles, you may want to take a few other things into consideration. First of all, the warranty on cheap peel and stick flooring is generally poor. You will want to make sure you have a long warranty with complete coverage. Many peel companies offer a long warranty, but with limited coverage as a way to fool you into thinking you are getting a good one.

Check Clearance Racks

If you are just doing a small area, you might be able to find a great deal at a home improvement store that only has a few cases or boxes left. You will be quite surprised at the huge discounts you can find when you shop this way. If you need a larger quantity, you might want to consider shopping online for flooring liquidators.

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