Get Your New Home Ready for Your Winter Move

So you've decided to move during one of the more unpredictable seasons of the year. All your furniture is packed, and you've arranged a date for a moving company or your friends to help you with the haul. With the preparations on your old home almost done, you put your thoughts on your destination and ask yourself, what do I need to get my new home ready for the move? It's a question that many movers and Winston Salem moving companies get asked quite often. From their long experience of doing jobs during the winter, they offer several tips to prepare your new home for your winter move.

Movers in general find it easier to do their job quickly and efficiently if the parking spaces that they would require are available and that the walkways in and out of the house are clear and safe to walk on. It is a good idea to secure any necessary parking spaces beforehand, either by getting permission from your neighbors if you don’t have parking spaces of your own, or clearing a part of your driveway to be used by the movers. Snow, a regular hazard during winter, may build up on your way to your destination, so have shovels, and salt, or sand ready to deal with it as it occurs. Of course, clearing the necessary areas beforehand will minimize any additional work.

A Winston Salem moving company advises its clients to have the necessary utilities up and running before the date of the move, even during the other seasons, but most especially during winter. Make sure the lights and heating are working properly and that water is available for the subsequent cleanup. Winter days are shorter and usually darker than any other time of the year, and having adequate lighting will keep the job going even if it extends after dark. Heating, of course, is a basic requirement for the winter, and should be one of the first things that you should make sure is working.

Another tip, though not really involving preparing your new home, is to prepare for the trip to get there. The weather can be quite unpredictable during the winter months, and sudden snowstorms are a dangerous possibility. Make sure that the vehicle you will be using on the trip has been properly tuned and winterized. Have backup plans ready in case the weather turns south and you'll need to reschedule. Do this ahead of time and be sure to inform both your landlord and the movers on what you want to do in case the weather doesn't cooperate. If everything goes well, then you can proceed as planned, but at least you'll be ready just in case something happens. It's also a good idea to have emergency numbers with you during the move, in case you run into a problem during the trip. Inform others about your plans and keep them updated so that they can help if something goes wrong.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

A winter move doesn't need to be difficult, and, in many cases, it isn't, as long as you properly plan and prepare for the haul. Remember to keep these tips in mind as you go ahead and get your new home ready for your winter move.

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