Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker - Brewer Review

Perfect for Convenience

The Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker is a single serving coffee pot comes from Gevalia Kaffe - a company which deals with premium European coffees and brews.

It is a "pod" coffee maker, which means you must purchase the "pods" of coffee/tea as well. You cannot use your typical coffee grounds with this style of coffee pot. This is more convenient for brewing coffee and guarantees your coffee will taste the same every time, however it also creates more waste and and you could find it more difficult to find replacement pods.

With this single serving coffee maker, you can have your coffee brewed directly into your coffee mug, the coffee is already measured, and you can choose the size of the cup you want - perfect for those mornings when you can use all the help you can get to get going.

Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker
Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker


The features of this coffee maker include:

  • Two-sided pod holder, holds a single pod of coffee or tea, or holds two pods
  • Compatible with Senseo and other similar coffee pods
  • Brews cups in 6oz., 8oz. or 12oz. sizes
  • Translucent 40-oz. water reservoirs
  • Removable water tanks and drip trays  - easy for cleaning
  • Sealing rings under the locking pod holders to capture flavor
  • Auto shut-off

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