Girls' Bed in a Bag Makes 192 Different Combinations to Brighten up a Bedroom - Reversible Kids Bedding set Twin Full

Girls's Bedding Brighten up a BedRoom


Girls' Bed a Bag Sets

Here is a fun way to redecorate a little girls' bedroom in bright colors and fun styles. The bedding at the Littlemissmatched Web site features a wide selection of reversible bedding for a bright and beautiful little girls' room.

The bedding lets you use your creativity to change up the bedroom with just one bedding set. You can change the look of your bedroom every time you change your mood. Almost every item that comes in the set is reversible.

The cotton/polyester bedding sets come in a variety of styles including hearts, polka dots, stripes, peace signs, pop art and more. The bright colors feature pinks, greens, yellows, black, blues, orange, fuschia, white and many neon colors.

The combinations are endless. Use the half and half fitted sheet with a different pattern on each end that you can turn around and get a whole new look. A half and half fitted sheet can also be turned around for new looks. There are 3 reversible pillow cases that you can flip over to display different patterns. There is also a reversible comforter and bed skirt that mixes with everything and create a whole new style.

Besides bedding there are curtains that can be mixed and matched with different colored valances to enhance the bedroom. There are also throw pillows, furniture, and other accessories to create a fun looking girls' bedroom.

Fun Furniture Ideas for a Girls' Bedroom

Creating the right space for a little girl can be fun using furniture with a creative flair.

The Artsy Craftsy furniture allows a girl to express themselves by filling each frame with artwork and pictures. The furniture has cork panels for tacking up art and photos, photo frames, and apple green accent panels.

There are storage cubes, a student desk, a loft desk, bunk beds, a twin bed, dressers, accessories and more. This makes a terrific bedroom for a child who enjoys creating scrapbooks or is into arts and crafts.

Plus the furniture is made from Eco-friendly green materials, from CARB materials and in a natural finish.

The Switch a Roo furniture lets you mix up the look of your entire room. The furniture includes reversible drawers and door panels that either have stripes or polka dots on one side and a different solid color on the other. There are a variety of furniture pieces available in this collection also.

The Sketh o Rama is designed for girls' who enjoy drawing. You can actually draw or write directly on the furniture. The finish is created out of a dry erase material for easy cleaning.

Mixter Max is designed for little boys' rooms with sturdy steel, sketch able accent panels, and fun compartments. Designed to maximize space and allow you to change things up. Many of the pieces are interchangeable and can made into other selections of furniture.

Furniture Collection

Reversible Bedding Info

Reversible Bedding  Can be Used To Change a Bedroom.  Using comforters, pillow cases, sheets and more.
Reversible Bedding Can be Used To Change a Bedroom. Using comforters, pillow cases, sheets and more.

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Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

My goodness, what cute bedding! It's mind blowing all the different possibilities with mixing and matching! I have enjoyed this hub.. thank you for sharing this.

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