A Glass Table for Every Room

A Glass Table for Every Taste and Purpose

A glass table is a great addition to any home decor. It gives the feel of taking up less space, allows for more light in a room and is just plain beautiful. While most people go with a round glass table, you can also purchase other shapes, such as square and rectangular. To add to the versatility of glass tables, both clear and colored glass can be found. Often, the darker shades are referred to as smoke or black.

Glass tables can be used in any room of the house and look terrific without decoration, though it is a matter of personal taste. Dressed up with a table cloth or dressed down with a casual runner, this piece of furniture is a great, practical investment.

Glass Dining Tables

Choosing a glass dining table and chairs can be tough, simply because there are so many beautiful supporting materials available. Your glass table tops can be perched on a steel, wood, chrome, brass or other decorative table base. It's wise to keep in mind the existing style of your dining room and the end result you are looking to achieve. Do you want an old world feel? Perhaps you are changing to a more contemporary styling or wish to add a touch of elegance with an etched glass table and chairs.

Whatever dream look you're going for, a glass dining table or kitchen table set can help you get there.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are very popular pieces of living room furniture. They have replaced the dark and bulky tables of old and are likely to remain timelessly used accessories in the home. A matching glass side table is a good way to tie the room together.

If your room has a theme, you may want to consider purchasing a glass top coffee table with an etched design to match and coordinate the decorative elements in the room, as well as to add a sense of fun.

You can be totally unique in your design. Look for glass coffee tables in interesting shapes and base materials. You don't have to stick to wood or rattan anymore. There is wrought iron and other metals available in different, gorgeous finishes to match any decor. You can even get a custom made glass table top if you want something really unusual.

Glass Console Tables

Whether you go with a wrought iron base, wooden carved legs or tapered legs, a glass console table is a beautiful addition to any room. As with the glass coffee tables, there are varied and customizing features that can really add that element of uniqueness to your furnishings.

Choose glass console tables from stock antique, contemporary or traditional stylings and you can shop right off the showroom floor. If you opt for a custom made glass console table, you need to allow extra time for the designing and construction.

Glass Table Tops - Tips

When shopping for a glass table, be sure that the glass table top is tempered to avoid cracking if a hot drink is set on it. If you get any scratches on your glass table top, try gentle rubbing with toothpaste.

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