Going Out Of Business Furniture Stores - A List of Past, Present, Future Closings

There are many going out of business furniture stores from the past, present, and some that will come in the future. Generally speaking, slumping sales and bad economic times have been the most recent reasons, but bad management also plays a part in the sales decrease. Here’s a quick look at going out of business furniture stores from the past, and the present. I think it would be appropriate to look at some things to consider for the future, when deciding who’s closing next.

The Past:

Levitz: This is first on the list for going out of business furniture stores from the past. Not too many years ago, they were considered a leader in the industry with strong sales and management. The company fell on hard times, however, and sales really dropped. This forced them to close the doors for good. It’s hard to believe how much a decade can change a company. A list including past going out of business furniture stores should really include this furnishing company.

Wickes: Another leader not too terribly long ago, but now another name on the list for many going out of business furniture stores that have become nothing more than a footnote in history. The shops finally closed up 2008 after dipping sales could no longer be sustained.

Bombay: This company was growing by leaps and bounds, so it’s really hard to imagine that it could somehow wind up on the list of going out of business furniture stores. How did sales plummet? The company, despite rapid growth, decided to change the types and styles home furnishings they carried.

The Present:

Ethan Allen: Several shop locations are closing, so they belong on the list for going out of business furniture stores. The company is not closing up completely, just select locations. It is unclear exactly what the end of 2013 will hold for this company.

Ashley: They are still a leader in the industry, but they are closing up several locations that have issues with sales. Because they are so popular, they must be mentioned on the list of home furnishing shops that are closing up some locations.

Dillard’s: They still have fairly strong sales overall, bet select shops have been closed. They are still wildly popular, but belong on the list for furniture stores going out of business, since they are starting to scale back and close up some shops.

The Future:

Nobody can say they know for sure what will happen, but it’s a great guess the list including going out of business furniture stores will continue to grow, since there are so many other rumored companies closing up their stores. It’s likely that much of this is from national retailers dabbling in home furnishings. Department chains like WalMart and Target all take a chunk from the sales in this industry. In addition, online vendors are beginning to find ways to ship items for less, making them a more viable option. I would suspect many of the going out of business furniture stores that get added to the list down the road will be regional chains or mom and pop companies. Only time will tell just how big the list for companies closing their shops will get.

Downsizing Will Continue

In general, the furniture industry has been hit hard and is not healthy. While some companies are still pretty strong, many are downsizing and will continue to close up some of their locations. Be sure to keep your eyes open, so you can take advantage of the best deals possible and get some cheap home furnishings.

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