Granite Countertops in Wilmington to Suit Your Style

Stone countertops have become quite the rage mainly due to their beauty and durability. With many different styles and colors available, stone countertops are a natural choice for the homeowner who wants something special in their home. Since the kitchen, in most homes receives the most traffic and use, having countertops that can stand up to that lifestyle will allow them to last for many years.

In fact, some experts cite the durability of granite as a negative. This material is expected to last almost forever, and if the homeowner wishes to change the color of the countertop, they are basically out of luck. The material is so durable that the only way to change the color or design is to tear out the old one and replace it with a new one.

When you are first considering the installation of countertops, keep in mind that granite is available in many different colors and can be purchased to accommodate custom installations. In most installations granite countertops are one solid piece of stone, without seams, to provide a long-lasting appearance in your kitchen. However, it can be cut using professional means to fit into any installations.

Wilmington Granite Countertops

Edges and back boards are also available to fit into the d├ęcor of nearly any kitchen and in Wilmington, granite countertops can be purchased to fit the design and color of your existing cabinets. In addition to the durability of granite, countertops made of this stone are also resistant to heat and stains, unlike other stone materials that can become damaged if a hot pot is placed directly on the surface. Granite is tough and resistant to scratches and dings if the user happens to drop something heavy on the surface.

By its very nature, a granite countertop is resistant to bacteria growing on its surface and is easily cleaned using mild liquid soap and cleanser. There is no need for scrubbing or the use of harsh chemicals and best of all, for many homeowners it does not lose its value over time. Having granite countertops in the kitchen often increases the value of your home and keeps it higher in comparison to a similar home without them.

Some have also heard the myth that all granite is exceptionally expensive. While some may be, due to the location from which they are mined and how difficult it is to transport them, others are affordable to most homeowners. Since the granite slabs are available in various sizes, it is possible, depending on the size of your counter and its layout, to have a granite countertop that is seamless.

Granite is formed under heat and pressure and is more resistant to heat damage than most other natural stones. Setting a hot pot or pan on it directly from the stove, will not damage granite. It is also highly resistant to cracks and scratches and will stand up to the most active family. Additionally, with the tiny flecks of mineral quartz in granite, the sunlight will reflect off the stone giving it a different appearance as the sun moves through the room.

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