Sophisticated Granite Stone Vessel Sinks Add Class to Your Bathroom

When you're in a home, have you actually paid attention to what rooms you spend the most time in or the ones you are most critical of? If you step back a minute, you will realize exactly how important the bathroom is to you. If you visit or have a bathroom with dreary white toilets, sinks, bathroom cabinets – everything - it's not really exciting. Try adding sophisticated granite stone vessel sinks for some additional class to your bathroom.

Polished granite vessel sinks are often gorgeous bathroom appliances
Polished granite vessel sinks are often gorgeous bathroom appliances

Feng Shui and modernism: did you ever think the two would go together? They can be married in the thought of granite or marble stone vessel sinks. Both are based on clean, natural lines with very little creative noise in the room. Granite can provide the homeowner with beauty and delicate flint surroundings that can only enhance a room that was previously covered in only white porcelain designs. Stone is quite easy to maintain, as you only need to wipe it off with a wet cloth. Stains occur only minimally, so you needn't worry about them. Stone is a hand carved product that is never mass-produced. Therefore, you will always have yourself a custom made job in your bathroom. Relaxing, warm and appealing, you can't miss with this type of purchase.

There are a few different design concepts you could follow to modernize your older bathroom. You could take it upon yourself and do some major remodeling or just spruce up a few areas here and there. For instance, you could do a mixture of natural stone and sleek contemporary styles, metal and stone together look very chic or stone mixed with bamboo could be a naturalist's dream plan. Granite is cost effective for any budget in that it can last a lifetime. Excite your senses with an appealing design. Vessel sinks can even be considered art pieces.

Vessel sink vanities can be as extravagant or simple as you please
Vessel sink vanities can be as extravagant or simple as you please

A vessel sink is a bowl that will fit into or onto a vanity.  Think about the old days when there was a washbowl on top of a dresser or nightstand.  That is how the vessel will work; only it will be placed into a precut hole allowing it to still fall above the plane. They are quite easy to install, without a lot of plumbing knowledge required.  You simply purchase a vanity with an area cut out for a sink to fit into, place the stone vessel bowl into the hole with the plumbing already hooked up.  Vessel sinks come in an array of shapes to choose from with even more styles readily available.  Square, fluted and floral are some of the more unique styles you can find, and you can add stone to any of these selections. 

A few well known brands that can get you started as you window shop for that new sophisticated granite stone vessel sink include: Whittington Collection, DeNovo, Yosemite, Eden Bath and Kohler.  Step into style and grace by adding in a stone vessel sink with your bathroom décor.  You will be the talk of the town and treated like a king!

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