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How Does Aeroponic System Work

Aeroponic kit contains mesh pots, sponge discs root guards, made from thick neoprene foam. The root guards discs provide an amazing alternative for propagating cuttings using no propagation material.

When using discs for cuttings they are placed in the mesh pots and put in to the propagator. They are watered as normal until roots emerge from the propagation material.

A nutrient solution is stored in the reservoir below the mesh pots. When the roots emerge from the propagation material the pump is activated causing the root zone to be filled with a spray of nutrient solution. The roots grow rapidly in the nutrient spray.

When using the neoprene foam root guards cuttings are placed in the centre of the disc using ready cut slit. The disc is placed on top of the mesh pot and placed in the propagator.

The sprinkler system is running continuously its a unique spraying action which leads to increased growth. Using the Aeroponic rapid root system the cuttings are ready for transplanting sooner and are much larger without root damage.

The system easy to set up comes with full operating instructions.

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