Gutter Guards and Leaf Guards

Gutter Guards
Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are modifications of the gutter / gutter roof that primarily works to protect the gutters from debris and clogging, as well as to improve the water flow.

Though gutter guards function to protect the gutters in general. There are even specific types of gutter guards designed to deal with specific types of debris. One example is a leaf guard.

Aside from debris, gutter guards can also work to slow down the flames in case of a fire. Gutters clogged with dry leaves often catch flames pretty easily from bush fires, hence the need to prevent dry leaves from building up. There are even specialized gutter guards with good fire ratings that would take a while to burn.

Why You Should Use a Gutter Guard

  • Gutter guards aides in collecting debris and preventing them to clog the gutter.
  • Aside from a disrupted water flow, clogged gutters constitute an additional fire hazard if left uncleaned.
  • Clogged gutters can sometimes be frustrating to clean, hence preventing them to get clogged in the first place should be the best action.
  • Frankly, clogged gutters give your homes a feeling of being unmaintained, which can be sometimes embarrassing especially if you have guests.
  • Leaf guards can provide specialized protection against leaf clogging.

Gutter Guards and Leaf Guards
Gutter Guards and Leaf Guards

Gutter Protection

Types Of Gutter Guards

  1. Aluminum Gutter Covers
    One of the most common gutter covers, this type works on the principle of water adhesion.It has kinda strict cleaning requirements as you have to maintain it free from debris so that the water would not go off the gutter. A common problem with this gutter type is that often during winter, the small openings freeze disrupting the water flow. Also, in some cases, bees and wasps find these gutters very desirable as their home.
  2. Foam Filter Gutter
    - In this type of gutter, there is a foam filter that fills the gutter usually with an exterior grade urethane material. This gutter often comes in triangular form and therefore leaves a significant room for the flow of water. Often, this type of gutter is packaged as a Do-It-Yourself product as this one is very easy to install. Debris build up if also a problem however, as pine needles, oak strands, or other tiny debris may pack up and disrupt water flow.
  3. Plastic or Nylon Gutter
    - Plastic and nylon gutters are becoming really popular nowadays, probably due to the reason that plastic and nylon are known as strong yet cheap materials. These gutters are really durable, but the installation might not be as easy as that with foam filters.

Types Of Gutter Systems

Aside from the material the gutter guard was made, the kind of gutter system also constitutes to the overall performance of the guard. Here's a few gutter guard systems worth knowing:

  1. Screen Gutter Protective Panel. They are the most common, having a mesh design that allows the capture of debris and leaves. They are easily installed as they possess clips for attaching.
  2. Bracketed Gutter Systems. This kind have good channel protection but requires a bit of specificity as they need special bracket installations. Because of this they lost popularity within the last few years.
  3. Hooded Gutter Guard Systems. These are very popular because of the waterfall designs. This kind slides under the roof with clips attached for the hooded covering.

Whatever your gutter guards need is, a professional gutter installation company can handle it.

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