Handy Football Snack Helmets of Your Favorite Team on Sale!

Get Ready for Super Bowl Sunday or Tailgate Party!

This cool football themed snack server is gonna be a great hit at your next Super Bowl party, tailgate, or picnic. On top of the football helmet is a large bowl where you can put your chips (and it comes with a cover) while the facemask holds a two-compartment tray for dips. And you don't have to put dip, you can also put nuts, candy, or trail mix in the facemask tray. For something a little different, you can fill the bowl with ice and a a couple of bottles or cans so that you can reach for a cool one while watching the game. Such a versatile and unique snack or drinks server.

This snacking server is a full size replica of a real football helmet. Helmets are approximately 10" high x 9.25" wide x 12" deep. The removable trays are microwavable and dishwasher safe. It's an officially licensed snack container. Get one of your favorite team, they are all available although some have more limited availability than others. For the diehard NFL fan, this snack server will be treasured for many years to come.

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