Handy Ways to Keep your House Warm this Winter!

Cold House? Warm it Up!
Cold House? Warm it Up!

Tips and Tricks to a Warm Home!

Do you live in a big, drafty house? Does your house run solely on electric heating? Here are a bunch of great tips to help keep you toasty warm in the winter when your house is freezing!

1. Go around your house and check all of your windows. Check to see that all of your windows are properly shut. This includes making sure storm windows are down and your Windows should be latched. Use a lit incense stick to check for drafts and if you find they are leaking, you should cover them in a clear plastic. You could buy the plastic from your local hardware store or you could go cheap with a clear, plastic shower curtain. Another tip on the cheap would be to stuff the area with the leak with a towel or an old t-shirt.

2. Seal your doors. Check around the door frame and also under the door. You may want to buy weather stripping or a door sweep. Again, at minimum, make a draft blocker(if you're the crafty sort) or stuff a towel at the bottom of the doors.

3. Close off any unused rooms. The closed door makes that room another barrier between you and the wicked winter weather. It also stops air from circulating as much, which reduces heat loss. Hardware, home improvement, or department stores sell magnetic register covers to 'shut off' registers in unused rooms. This way only the registers in the rooms you use will pump out heat. Your heater will work more efficiently and the warmth will be concentrated in the rooms you choose. This saves money AND keeps you warmer!

4. Put up sets of heavy curtains. These can block drafts on both windows AND doors. Open them when the sun is shining to help pull in the solar heat into your house and close them when it gets cloudy or dark out to better keep the heat in. You can either purchase these from a department store or you can get creative and make them yourself. If you're purchasing, be certain to get the kind with an insulated backing.

5. Dress warmly. Hats are a great idea, as it is a well known fact that 75% of your body heat escapes from your head. Layer yourself with loose clothing article, rather than tight.. heat accumulates in the folds of the layers, keeping you much warmer than a tight sweater. You should wear slippers with socks, preferably two pair or one pair of wool socks. Wool is your friend! Don't wear your winter coat indoors, this will not help you if you have to go outside for any reason.. you'll just feel colder faster. Cover up with blankets if you are just sitting around, but that's just common sense.

6. Cook. Steam will raise the moisture level in your home, making you feel warmer. Make a large pot of soup, put the kettle on for tea (or cocoa, or instant coffee.. whatever you please) Bake bread or cookies. Your oven will help to heat the kitchen. The kitchen will be warm while you are cooking and the hot food will help take off the chill. Make sure to leave the oven door open after cooking/baking to allow the heat to escape into your house. Eat healthy fats! This will keep your thyroid and metabolism functioning properly, and you'll stay much warmer.

7.Light candles. Candles can produce a lot of heat, but be mindful of where they are placed and do not leave them unattended. If you look in the right places you can find candles on the cheap and if all else fails, a two dollar package of tea-lights could make a nominal difference.

8. Take a hot shower. Not only will this warm you up quickly, but the steam from the hot water will raise moisture levels in the house, helping the ambient temperature feel about 15 degree warmer. Be sure to run the hot water even after you are finished because the more steam in the air, the better the temperature will feel. Make sure you run your towels and bathrobe (if you have one) in the dryer while you are shower so you have something nice and cozy to dry off with and snuggle into when you're finished.

9. Last, but not least, cuddle up on the couch or in bed with someone or a pet. The closer you cuddle the more body heat you can build up between the two of you. Think of survival tactics in the elements... people lost at sea are recommended to huddle together in the water to keep body heat up and keep hypothermia at bay. These tactics apply in most situations, so use science to your advantage!

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jc1997 9 years ago

this is a really good site to keep warm and not go bankrupt. i love this site

lil miz 8 years ago

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lil big man 11!!! 8 years ago

This website is awsome, it helped me with my grade 7 science homework. It also helped my family and I nice and toasty for this winter

michell 8 years ago

thanks for the advise, i knew quite a bit of the imformation but wasn't putting into practice, hopefully the house will generate more heat so we can keep warmer for longer!!

michelle 8 years ago

thanks for the advise, i knew quite a bit of the imformation but wasn't putting into practice, hopefully the house will generate more heat so we can keep warmer for longer!!

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RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

Good stuff!

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Judy  6 years ago

i love sleeping with the window open a crack in the window ( i know, weird) snuggled under my flannel sheets and with my bed heater cranked all the way. of course, my roommate never liked that cuz it made our apartment way cold and we didn't want to spend a fortune on heating every month. we decided to split the cost of a quartz infrared heater for our apartment. it was portable so we are able to move it from room to room. Since it's even heat, the room gets hotter faster AND we saved a ton of money on our energy bills! we absolutely loved it and it wasn't too expensive. just another idea to stay warm.

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russel 6 years ago

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Minnesota Short Sale Agent 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips. This will be very helpful.

Sam 5 years ago

Decent enough article but try watching QI sometime, losing 75% of your body heat from your head is a fallacy!

bum 5 years ago

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gemma 5 years ago

some of this information is good but most if it isn't

i thinkk you should have a closer look at this website

agnes k. 5 years ago

i'l put in practice the above given information to c whether i'll impruve the temperatures in my house.

yepeeeeeeee 5 years ago

the website is rubbish and some of the facts are wrong !!!!!!

saidu yusuf katsina Nigeria 5 years ago

This is a fine site with good ideas,i like it much.

lets keep warm 5 years ago

Doing this will create lots of steam & then cause large amounts of condensation & then you will get the mould. You need to keep your property at a constant temperature of 18- 21 C but also ventilate especially if you suffer from condensation.

TropicalDude 5 years ago

Why the hell do you fight the cold when you can avoid it for free. Move to Florida.

sup 4 years ago

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sup 4 years ago

this keeps me warm

fajar 4 years ago

they are cool tips

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ggtertyrj 4 years ago

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MrScheym 4 years ago

These arejust old and outdated - It is not a well know fact that 75% of your heat is lost from your head - As confirmed by Stephen Fry on QI, So I don't believe anyone would argue with that.

Also the moisture is a Big issue! You have to be careful with that, condensation can be a complete bugger... You do not want to be cleaning mold out of your house.

veena 2 years ago


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