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Hardwood flooring may be considered to be expensive, but considering they last more than a century, it is the flooring of choice for many shrewd house owners. It may appear to be extra expenditure, but it is a one time only expense and a wise investment in your home. Normal practice of builders is to use steel, fibreglass or concrete on cost basis, but there is nothing to beat the look of a hardwood floor that is well laid and well finished which will never go out of style. There are many woods to choose from, the most popular being oak and maple, or pine, cherry, walnut, teak, alder or hickory. Because wood is a living thing, no two floors can be alike, each plank is unique. With proper care, diligent waxing and regular cleaning, a hardwood floor will last a lifetime. Red Oak Hardwood Flooring is probably one of the most popular picks because it is abundant and has a rather reddish hue that appeals to most interior designers and home owners. Because it's a dense hardwood, it is more resistant to regular wear. White Oak Hardwood is more resistant to moisture than red oak, and various kinds of stains and finish tones reflect beautifully on white oak.

In these hard economic times of 2009, improving your own place is possibly the solution to making a better life for you and your family. These videos may give you the confidence to try some of the work yourself.

BE SMART, don't move, IMPROVE. You know it makes good sense!

Custom Hardwood floors, inlays, medallions, borders and parquet

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a type of grass, so we cannot call it hardwood.However, most people regard it as a hardwood because of its resilience and flexibility, and with proper care it can last just as long. Because of this, it is priced about the same as oak. The big benefit in using bamboo though is that the installation does not require any special installation technique. Because it only takes around 3 years for it to mature it is easier to find. The process is similar to hardwoods like oak or maple, by first cutting the wood into strips, boiling to strip the starch away, drying and laminating, then milling to make the strip floorboards. The final process is treating with preservatives to slow decay. Bamboo is worthy of serious consideration, as it can appear lighter than oaks which are usually rather dark.

Sanding Walnut with Dustless system

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