Harry Potter Room Decor

Design A Harry Potter Room

Almost everyone loves Harry Potter so why not delight your child or that ultimate Harry Potter fan with an awesome Harry Potter room. All it takes is a little time and imagination to give someone a room that they'll treasure for many years to come.

The main thing to keep in mind when decorating a Harry Potter room is that the sky's the limit! Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and have fun with it ,because more than likely the end result will be well worth it.

One of the best things about using a Harry Potter theme is the fact that it won't need to be changed as your child get older, this is because Harry Potter appeals to a wide rang of ages, in fact adults as well as kids love Harry Potter. And you never know, once it's finished you might just want to keep your Harry Potter room for good.

Harry Potter Room Theme

First paint the walls blue with either a cloud or a moon and stars design on the ceiling.

Antique or old antique looking furniture will also provide the right look for your Harry Potter theme room.

For the walls try some Harry Potter Wall Stickers like these RoomMates Harry Potter Stickers. These giant wall stickers featuring Harry, Ron, Hermione and other characters from the wizarding world, will do a lot to help the over all look of your Harry Potter theme room.

The Harry Potter Crest Peel and Stick Decals will also look great on the walls.

Also be sure to check out the wall stickers that feature Harry on a broom and scenes from a Quidditch match.

The Hogwarts Wall Banner also adds a nice touch to your Harry Potter room.

Hogwarts Wall Stickers

The next two stickers are just a little pricey, but I think that you will agree that both the Hogwarts Castle Doorway and the stained glass Mermaid Window from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire wall art are two very beautiful pieces that will add a truly authentic look to your Harry Potter room.

harry potter room theme
harry potter room theme

Harry Potter Stand Up Lifesize Posters

If you have the space these life size Harry Potter Standup posters will look awesome in your room.  Otherwise they can also be hung on a wall or door.

Harry Potter Room Decorations

For the bedside table you're going to want the monster book and the triwizard cup lamp.

Also don't forget to leave Harry's glasses sitting on the bedside table beside the monster book.

Hedwig and the sorting hat would look great sitting on your dresser on perhaps on a bookcase.

These are just some of the many Harry Potter accessories that you can find online to customize your very own Harry Potter themed room.


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