Harvesting Ancient Kauri Wood

Ancient kauri is excavated from underground bogs in New Zealand
Ancient kauri is excavated from underground bogs in New Zealand | Source

Ancient kauri wood is harvested in what is considered an ecologically friendly method. This "buried treasure" is excavated from underground peat bogs in New Zealand. It has been preserved under the ground for many years. It is not petrified wood. After being excavated and milled, it can be used for many woodworking purposes and has similar qualities to cherry wood. It is possibly the oldest workable wood on earth.

Kauri trees are growing in New Zealand today and are an important part of the history and culture of New Zealanders. But ancient kauri wood is unique because the trees have been preserved underground for such a long time.To learn more visit the New Zealand site at http://www.ancientkauri.co.nz/index.php/zealand_ancient_swamp_kauri_wood

This video shows the ancient kauri being harvested

How it is Trimmed

Ancient kauri is used in a wide variety of woodworking applications.You can purchase it in slabs, natural edge, flooring planks, veneer and much more. You can get "natural edge" pieces that show the rough natural edges of the wood, or milled pieces for standard flooring and such. The wood does have LEED certification. See the websites below for more information about buying for your specifications.

Where To Find Ancient Kauri Wood Materials

To purchase ancient kauri wood in the US visit

  • ancientwood.com (Wisconson) or you local ancientwood.com representative who can coordinate your project for you.
  • arroyohardwoods.com (California)
  • If you are using ancient kauri for interior designs or renovation in your home or yacht, you may want to contact your local woodworker for assistance as he can oversee the delivery and manufacture of your particular project.
  • ebay.com sometimes has small pieces for pen blanks and small projects.

A Few Pieces I Made Using Ancient Kauri

"Natural Edge" Sculpture 9" Tall
"Natural Edge" Sculpture 9" Tall
"Ancient Time" Pocket Watch
"Ancient Time" Pocket Watch
Geometric Pendant
Geometric Pendant


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