How to Make a ChalkBoard Wall

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Is there a blank wall in your house and you can't figure out anything to do with it? you figure that you might as well put it to some use. Well, I am recommending a chalkboard wall. Yeah, a chalkboard wall. There is many ways to do to this option, but first you might have some questions.

Q: Is it permanent? A: Nope, if you do not want it anymore you just prime over it and just paint it with what whatever paint color.

Q: Is black the only option? A: No, actually there is a version of the paint where you can add a paint color to it. so if you do not like have a black wall and you feel it make the room to dark, you can just customize it.

Q: Is there a certain chalk you have to use? A: No, any chalk will do. You can even use sidewalk chalk if you make your wall quite big.

Q: Hows the clean up? A: Clean up is easy. All you need is a sponge and water. (soap is an option. Just expect to go over it again with clean water) Depending on the size is what makes the effort easy or hard. Talking from experience: if you do your whole wall, it will take an effort to clean but what makes it really easy was buying one of those big sponges that you would use to clean your car with. Just wash over it with soap and wipe it again with water until there is no smudges.

Q: Anything else I should know? A: Yep, just the fact that if you have carpet, it may not be the best idea. Especially since the chalk dust goes on the floor when you write, so obliviously its better if you have tile or hardwood flooring. With the baseboards along the wall, yes the chalk could get on there but you could either clean it every time you draw by it, put tape on it, or when it really matters, just repaint it. (Please, if you have dust allergies, just be careful. You probably should not go off painting the whole wall with chalkboard paint unless you are sure it will not affect you in anyway, especially if it is in your room.)

   From experience of having my own chalkboard wall, here are some things you might want to know when painting your wall.

I was able to make a whole quart of paint last through painting my door and a 13ft long wall that had a ceiling height of 9ft with 2 coats and touch ups. How I did this was by using a roller with the width size of 1/2 or 1/4 inch. The thinner it was the more the paint spread but the length doesn't matter. Actually I wish I would have got it longer. The rollers that were thicker just sucks up the paint and waste it. It may look faster but really isn't. With big rollers they tend to skip over more spots. The thinner rollers coat better. You might want to take this advise for the next time you paint a room. :D

No, I did not prime my wall, but it would have been a good idea.

When painting "please protect your floors." enough said ;)

Other Ideas :)

There are multiple things that you can you with chalkboard paint, if you don't want to do your whole wall.

1. Paint the back of a door to make a calendar on or a list of things to remember.

2. A kitchen backdrop.

3. A top of a desk, even a table, or bedside table.

4. Make a little square on a part of a wall.

5. A whole living room wall to make the home more personal with the family's art. (it would be even cooler with magnetic chalkboard paint)

6. A plastic trash can for labeling.

7. A front of a cabinet of a kitchen or garge.

8. A dresser.

9. A plant pot.

10. There are designs you can buy of chalk paint but you could also make one with the paint yourself.

11. If you don't want to paint your wall just buy a piece of wood. (any size of your liking) you might have to prime it first. paint it then just frame it and it will be like a work of art.

12. A flat faced toy trunk.

Remember: Live Your Life Filled With Love <3


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