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Enjoy The Aloha Spirit - Thanks to Hawaii Self Storage


Finding Local Storage in Hawaii

Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit or call home, and has long been a hot-spot destination for tourists and travelers that come and go each year. Many people are drawn by the special spirit, known as Aloha, that pervades the Hawaiian island chain, and it's this palpable essence that keeps people coming to Hawaii each year. Unfortunately, life and obligations in other parts of the world often keeps people leaving Hawaii as well, often reluctantly while making a heartfelt promise to return soon, if only for another visit.

The generally transient nature of most visitors to Hawaii also results in some special logistical challenges. Being a tiny island chain in the middle of the ocean does not bode well for people that want to bring their belongings to or from the islands, or for those that have accumulated so much beach-going gear during their sojourn that they don't have enough room to bring it back with them!

For these reasons and many more, local businesses and families have started up self storage facilities, such as Storage Kings, on each island, designed to give people peace of mind whenever they need to leave some things behind until their next vacation rolls around, or until they can finally afford to retire to their island paradise for good. Finding local storage spots on the islands is easier than ever before, thanks to the general increase in the number of available self storage facilities in Hawaii.

Snow Birds or the Lucky Lifers - Self Storage in Hawaii Helps Everyone

Not everyone that uses local storage in Hawaii is a part-time traveler hoping to return next year. Many people use self storage in Hawaii as a safe place to stage their belongings and goods during an entire family transfer to life on the islands. Some people buy a new home in Hawaii but have all their important belongings, clothes, furniture and vehicles on the mainland. It can be difficult to figure out what to do with your things before you secure local storage in Hawaii, but getting in touch with your local storage facility is as easy as typing your location and storage (separated by a comma) into google. Once you've determined where to store your belongings, you can relax and begin to enjoy the aloha spirit, without having to worry about the safety of your things!

Perks You Can Expect from Hawaii Public Self Storage Companies

Aside from providing you with peace of mind, Storage Kings self storage in Hawaii also gives you the convenience you need to focus on your move. There's no need to worry about the exact date your new home will be available and ready for your move-in, because your things are secured in your storage unit. Storage Kings offers three convenient locations on the big island, with two facilities in the Kaloko business park next to Costco on Maiau street, and one Hawaiian self storage facility in Kealakekua, which is surrounded by palm trees and indigenous flora.

Storage Kings is one of many different local self storage companies on the Big Island of Hawaii, and they offer special bonuses to customers to make the storing and moving process and pleasant and painless as possible. All Storage Kings tenants enjoy electronic coded entry through industrial strength front gates, as well as video surveillance to protect their units, and the use of a free moving truck to help them transport and unload their belongings.

Don't Get Stuck Worry About Your Stuff - Surf's Up!


The Benefits of Local Self Storage in Hawaii

Public Self Storage in Hawaii Keeps You Where You Should Be - OUTSIDE!

There is so much to do and see in Hawaii that it just doesn't make sense to waste time and energy fretting over logistical complications. The Big Island offers such unspeakable beauty and wildly diverse flora and fauna that you should be spending your time out enjoying it! Not many people are lucky enough to call Hawaii their year-round home, so it's important to ensure you get the most out of your time on the islands by being outside and enjoying nature at its finest.

Local self storage in Hawaii and large public self storage facilities are designed to allow you to do just that - get out and stop worrying about your stuff. You can rest assured that your belongings are secured and accounted for thanks to Storage Kings on-site property managers, unit alarms and locked storage unit hallways.

Public self storage facilities typically offer a number of supporting services to further assist their customers, whether they're in the middle of a major transition to or from Hawaii or if they're just trying to switch homes within Hawaii in an orderly and sane way. Many public self storage facilities have dollies or rolling carts to help tenants move their belongings to and from their moving truck and storage unit. In addition, most property managers can recommend reputable local moving businesses should a tenant need additional help with getting their belongings to or from the storage facility.

Tips for Success with Your Storage Rental Experience

A good public self storage company will have friendly staff on hand to help you rent or close-out a unit, as well as to answer general questions about the move-in or move-out process. Before you rent your unit, ask for a tour of the property, which any good property manager should be more than happy to take you on. While you check out the property, keep an eye out for general indications as to how well the property is maintained. If many of the doors or clasps on the units are rusted, worn or generally beaten up, it's a sign of poor maintenance or low funding, both of which could ultimately impact your storage experience.

Also look for conveniences such as sloped walk ways, smooth pavement and free dollies or hand trucks. If you see plenty of these, you can infer that the property will be easy and hassle free for you to use and that the company actually cares about its tenants' comfort.

Mini Storage in Hawaii Lets You Play Outside!


Local Kailua-Kona Storage Facilities

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A marker73-5591 Maiau St Kailua Kona HI 96740 -
73-5591 Maiau St, Kailua, HI 96740, USA
[get directions]

Kailua Storage Kings offers a free moving truck, moving supplies like boxes and tape, and an on-site property manager! 808 327 1700

B marker73-4864 Kanalani St. Kailua Kona 96740 -
734864 Kanalani St, Kailua, HI 96740, USA
[get directions]

Kaloko Storage Kings specializes in drive-up units and offers a free moving truck, moving boxes and a resident manager. 808 329 9771

C marker81-934 waenaoihana loop kealakekua HI 96750 -
81-934 Waenaoihana Loop, Kealakekua, HI 96750, USA
[get directions]

Kona Storage Kings, in Kealakekua, offers a resident manager, a full inventory of moving supplies and naturally cooled storage units. 808 322 7722

The Islander's Tips to Getting the Best Hawaii Public Self Storage Deals

Life in Hawaii proceeds from a unique plane of existence and business here is done at the pace and in the spirit of Aloha. It may seem as though standards are lower and attitudes are relaxed - but only because they are! The Aloha spirit is definitely a boon to customers as it fosters mutual respect, compassion and positive karmic fore-thinking amongst people living on the islands. If you are looking for a great deal on public self storage in Hawaii, you can greatly benefit from this special way of life by asking for a little help on the going rate of storage spaces, especially from public self storage companies like Storage Kings!

The Golden Kama'aina Rate

People living in Hawaii like to take good care of their own, partly because you always bump into one another in such small towns! The term Kama'aina, which means, "from the land" in Hawaiian, is applied pretty generally to many different types of day to day business transactions that take place here. You can find it in supermarkets in the form of special cards issued to locals that get you a considerable final discount on your total purchase price at the register. You can find the Kama'aina rate on hotel room rates and admission-based businesses like movie theaters and fairs.

When you find yourself in one of Hawaii's local storage facilities' offices, you can ask the property manager for the Kama'aina rate, which more often than not they will give to you with no questions asked! Many self storage companies in Hawaii, like Storage Kings, already have price sheets set up which show two different rental rates for any given unit: the normal street rate, which is offered to most every prospective customer when they walk in the front door, and a local or special Kama'aina rate for people that have lived here a considerable period of time.

You have to exercise some degree of caution and subtlety. Although many different businesses, such as Storage Kings, will cough up the Kama'aina storage rental rate without much of a struggle at all, many will demand some official form of proof of long time residency. If you are going to make Hawaii your home for a long while, the easiest way to go about proving you deserve the Kama'aina discount is to get your hands on a Hawaii driver's license. A Hawaii driver's license is accepted practically everywhere as sufficient proof that you should be given the local rate on rentals such as Hawaii public self storage units. Happy storing, Aloha!


How Easy is it To Store Your Things in Hawaii?

Although every public self storage company in Hawaii is different, tenants will generally pay rent month to month via cash in person, mailed-in check, or credit card payment made over the phone. Depending on the company, tenants can sometimes get special prepay discounts for paying a large lump of rent at a given time. Storage Kings, for example, offers prepay discounts for tenants that want to pay for more than a few months of storage at a given time.

Storage Kings offers a prepay discount for six months of rent on self storage units in Hawaii, and a larger prepay discount for tenants that prepay a year of rent.

Generally speaking, it's a pretty simple process to rent yourself a storage unit in Hawaii. You usually need only a valid ID, and many public self storage companies don't even require that you use a credit card or make any kind of initial security deposit.

Once you have selected a storage unit in Hawaii that will work for you, and haggled back and forth over the monthly rental rate, you can expect to pay your first month's rent. Following this, you'll need to check in once a month or look for printed invoices in the mail or electronic invoices via e-mail. Always make sure to pay your storage unit's rent promptly in order to avoid late fees!

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