Heart Pine Tongue and Groove - A Great Choice for Wood Flooring or Paneling


Heart pine tongue and groove wood flooring and wall paneling is a great choice for many reasons.  If you are considering using these boards for your next home improvement project, you are probably making a great choice.  Let’s look at some of the reasons this type of material is a good choice for you to consider.

New, Antique or Reclaimed:  You can buy this type of wood flooring in new or used form.  Obviously, the new wood flooring has never been used.  Reclaimed heart pine tongue and groove is really just made from old wood.  Essentially the old boards are milled and sanded from larger boards to create the flooring boards.  It’s sort of like repurposing.  Antique planking is really just old flooring boards that are being used in a new application.  If reclaimed floors are repurposed, antique planks are reused.  This is one of the more unique things about heart pine tongue and groove.

Unique Grain Design:  This is perhaps the best thing about heart pine tongue and groove.  The grain is truly unique, especially on older reclaimed or antique floor boards or paneling.  You will love the great variations in the wood grain, along with the unique natural colors that are distinct in the wood.

Hard as a Hardwood:  Heart pine tongue and groove is not your ordinary softwood.  In fact, the density of this type of wood rivals oak and surpasses maple.  You will get many years worth of use out of your planking.

Resists Rot and Decay Naturally:  This dense wood is naturally resistant to rot and decay.  It’s roughly similar to cedar wood.  This means that your heart pine tongue and groove boards or paneling will last for years to come and increases the value of such a product.  You will have your boards for years to come, regardless of whether you use it as a floor or wall covering.

Can Be Refinished:  Down the road you may need to refinish your heart pine tongue and groove.  Luckily, you can refinish the product if you choose.  This means that rather than replacing the boards when they get worn, faded, or scratched, they can simply be sanded and refinished.    

Can Be Resold:  If you decide you don’t like your paneling boards, there is a good market for reclaimed and antique used heart pine tongue and groove.  This means you can recoup some of your losses, so you don’t get a bad deal.  This helps to increase the value.  Some used boards go for higher prices, not just cheap prices.

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