Hiring the Right Tile Flooring Installer

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Want awesome tile in your home? Choose the right installer.

Hiring the Right Tile Installer


Remodeling ones home is a very expensive and time consuming process. It can be a daunting task to find skilled work while remaining within your budget. Since your tile floors are a very big investment in the value and comfort of your home, knowing how to hire installers who are both qualified and affordable is very important.

Step 1

Ask your friends and family. It is very likely that you know someone who has had tile flooring installed in the past. Ask around and you may find that your associates can tell you the names of tile installers who are very good at their job or they may be able to offer warnings about installers who did not perform up to par.

Step 2

Ask a realtor. Realtors are excellent resources when you want to know what will raise the value of your home. They also know the contractors who do the best work. They may even have show homes available where you can see the tile installers work before you hire them.

Step 3

Make a few phone calls to flooring stores. Many flooring stores will have a list of qualified and not-so qualified installers available. These are the people they generally subcontract work to. Ask them for their recommendations.

Step 4

The local Yellow Pages may be great for finding leads on qualified tile installers but there is a caveat to this. Many excellent tile installers are not listed in the phone book because they primarily advertise by word of mouth. If you rely on the telephone listings as your only resource, you will likely pay more than is necessary to get the work you want.

Step 5

Once you have found a few tile installers, contact them well in advance of your project schedule dates. Skilled installers often are scheduled several weeks in advance so calling the day before you want tile installed is not going to work.

Step 6

Ask lots of questions. You wouldn't go to a surgeon and neglect to ask what they intended to do or their credentials. Why would you hire a contractor who can't give you some idea of how your floors will be installed? Ask plenty of questions about their experience and licenses. Find out if they carry insurance in the event that something in your home is damaged or the flooring is incorrectly installed. Asking plenty of questions insures that your installer knows your product and that they have sufficient experience to install it correctly.

Need a tile installer in the Macon, Missouri area?

 The best floor installer in Macon, Missouri is Kenny Bright of Bright Floors,LLC.  A long time friend, Kenny consulted with me on the tips furnished in this article.  He has been working in the floor covering industry for over 20 years and can help you decide on great quality tile for your home or business.  Contact him via phone at 660-626-6819 and arrange a visit to his warehouse to view his samples and discuss your project.

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ralwus 5 years ago

I am fortunate to know people who are in this industry. One of my good friends wrote the manual for the Tile Setter's Union and his wife runs her own business making high end artsy tile, her brother is one of the best tile setters.

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